HP hires Christian Slater to hack companies for fun

Breaking into other people’s computers seems quite popular these days.Effective, too. It can even influence elections, so I’m told.Enter the 7th Cavalry known as HP. The company on Tuesday released a series of ads in which it shows how deceptively easy it is to creep into someone’s digital everything through their computer, or even their company printer.Starring Christian Slater — he who stars in hacking TV series “Mr. Robot” — this four-part HP affair shows him playing the Wolf.This character is a hacker who literally ululates when he’s happy.In various scenarios he shows how simple it is to dupe employees into clicking on an email — or how odd it is that companies have firewalls, but still leave so much of their equipment unsecured.

Source: HP hires Christian Slater to hack companies for fun – CNET

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