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Restaurant Fined for Pretending Tilapia Was Much Fancier Fish

(NEWSER) – For a year and a half, customers at a high-end Bay Area restaurant were duped into thinking they were eating fancy fish when they were actually eating tilapia. A suspicious customer finally complained to the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s office in early 2016, accusing the restaurant of using the far-cheaper tilapia in its supposed petrale sole dish. The DA’s office found that Morgan Hill’s Odeum restaurant did, in fact, make the substitution from Oct. 2014 to March 2016, and last week it reached a settlement with the restaurant, CBS San Francisco reports. California restaurants are prohibited from falsely advertising the food they serve, per health and safety codes. Petrale sole is a type of flounder; the Mercury News says it sells for two to three times the price of tilapia, a “bargain-basement fish.”

Source: Restaurant Fined for Pretending Tilapia Was Much Fancier Fish

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