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Glasses may get banned at Boston bars after assaults | Boston Herald

Your days of sipping adult beverages from a Solo cup could be making a comeback, specifically at some of Boston’s high-end bars.Following a string of local bar assaults involving glassware, the city’s Liquor Licensing Board is moving to crack down on establishments where patrons have suffered injuries related to glasses holding drinks. Watering holes with repeat offenses could have to use plastic barware in lieu of the real deal — no matter how upscale the joint.

Low-fare flights to Ireland, Scotland start at $65 todaySnake colony plan remains slippery for Wildlife boardMan allegedly planted bomb on Maynard porch“If we see a pattern of glass as a weapon it will no longer be allowed,” Christine Puglini, the board’s chairwoman, said at a hearing yesterday, addressing representatives of Minibar, a Copley Square Hotel bar. “You may be high-end, but you’re not acting high-end.

”Two posh hotel bars, Minibar and Bond Lounge at the Langham, were brought before the board yesterday for recent assaults involving glasses. According to police reports, a Bond Lounge patron smashed a beer bottle over the head of another customer on New Year’s Day. Several days earlier at Minibar, police said, a patron punched and threw a glass at another man who groped his fiancee.

Source: Glasses may get banned at Boston bars after assaults | Boston Herald

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Gene Editing: The Next Step In Self-Evolution?

Last week, two developments in gene editing shifted this potent new technology from a possibility to more of a probability. Yet it’s likely that the news didn’t register with most people. Despite the revolutionary potential of a tool that may soon make it possible for Homo sapiens to manipulate DNA and to self-evolve – for better or for worse.The new technology goes by the funny-sounding name “Crispr-Cas9” – a method that has the power to cut and paste DNA, the basic code of life in humans and all other organisms, almost as simply as moving letters around on a word processor.

Researchers expect to use Crispr-Cas9 to fix or improve DNA sequences linked to diseases like Huntington’s and some cancers. The method could also be used to bump up a person’s smarts, height, or stamina, although not yet.“We have within our grasp the technology to change evolution,” said Paul Berg, a genetics pioneer from Stanford, about Crispr-tech. “This could change the course of biological life.”Discovered in 2012 by scientists in California and Sweden, Crispr-Cas9 moved closer to reality last Tuesday when the National Academies of Sciences (NAS) released a report about the ethics and the proper uses of Crispr-tech. The next day came a patent court ruling that decided who has the rights to commercially exploit some basic components of Crispr-Cas9.

Source: Gene Editing: The Next Step In Self-Evolution? – The Daily Beast

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