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Iceland police warn drivers to stop looking at Northern Lights to prevent road accidents 

Police in Iceland have warned tourists to stop staring at the Northern Lights while driving. Officers pulled over two cars moving erratically last week, initially on suspicion the drivers were under the influence of alcohol. But on both occasions, the visitors said they has been mesmerised by the aurora borealis above them, reports Iceland Magazine.

Source: Iceland police warn drivers to stop looking at Northern Lights to prevent road accidents | The Independent

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‘Frat Lives Matter’ Painted on UConn Spirit Rock

Greeting the UConn students on their Storrs campus Monday morning was a message spray-painted on the school’s spirit rock that reads: “Frat Lives Matter.”

“I think it’s too soon,” said student Dez Williams.

Authorities said Pally had been drinking at the off-campus kappa sigma house. Those six frat brothers now face several charges, including permitting a minor to illegally possess alcohol.

Source: ‘Frat Lives Matter’ Painted on UConn Spirit Rock

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DNA Test Shows Subway’s Oven-Roasted Chicken Is Only 50 Percent Chicken

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It’s not just you: Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast – BGR

If it seems like your internet browsing is hitting more walls than possible today, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not your computer. A massive Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage is striking down lots and lots of web pages, leading to huge hiccups on a number of domains. Amazon is reporting the issue on its AWS dashboard, citing “Increased Error Rates,” which is a fancy way of saying that something is seriously broken.

Amazon Web Services is the cloud services arm of Amazon, and its Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) is used by everyone from Netflix to Reddit. When it goes down — or experiences any type of increased latency or errors — it causes major issues downstream, preventing content from loading on web pages and causing requests to fail.

Source: It’s not just you: Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast – BGR

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What Exactly Causes “White Guilt?” 

Whites feel guilty about their secret but justified fears of blacks.When Adele was awarded the Record of the Year at the Grammys last week, she felt she had to apologize to Beyonce for having won it over her. After last year’s #Oscarssowhite campaign, blacks, who comprise 13% of the population, were given 30% of the acting nominations for the Academy Awards this year.Adele must have been so afraid of sparking another Kanye West-Taylor Swift moment that she decided to preempt it by prostrating herself, beforehand, to Queen Bey.And those Academy members must have been so horror-stricken by the negative publicity of the Oscarssowhite controversy that they made sure not thirteen percent, but thirty percent of this year’s acting nominees were black.Whites are just absolutely terrified about appearing “racist” against blacks, in any way. It’s a crippling fear, to the point where whites will cower in the face of black demands. Yet there is no equivalent fear regarding the other races.So why is it that no such fear of being accused of racism exists vis-a-vis yellow people or brown people? It’s not as if Amerindian or Asian features aren’t easily recognizable.There’s a virtual boycott against Hispanics and Asians at the Oscars, but nobody seems to care. Hispanics and Asians are extremely underrepresented in professional football and basketball, yet nobody expresses concern. (Sport is, of course, the one area of American life where nobody seems to be agitating for proportional participation; Americans seem content to let pro sports remain a meritocracy.)

Source: What Exactly Causes “White Guilt?” – American Renaissance

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This system admin used VPN to hack into and cause $1.1 million loss to his ex-employer before being caught

Getting a pink slip is a bad news for anybody. Some take it in the stride while others take to Twitter and Facebook to rant about it. Very few are likely to go to an extreme and cause loss to their ex-employer. Brian Johnson, 44, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US is one such system admin who didn’t lightly to his employer sacking him and decided to make a big mess of it before being caught and landing in prison for 34 months.The Register reports that Johnson was working in a paper making factory called Georgia-Pacific for several years. On the fateful Valentine’s Day of 2014, the company decided to fire him. Johnson did not take the company’s decision in the right spirit and decided to get even with it.Johnson hacked into Georgia-Pacific servers using VPN once his employment was terminated. Once back inside the corporate network, he installed his own software and targeted the paper factory’s Port Hudson branch, which produces paper towels and tissues 24 hours a day. Johnson caused a $1.1 million loss to Georgia-Pacific during his two-week hacking campaign.

Source: This system admin used VPN to hack into and cause $1.1 million loss to his ex-employer before being caught » TechWorm

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New Study Justifies Darwin’s ‘Living Fossils’ Theory

A new study has validated one of Charles Darwin’s longstanding theories about ‘living fossils.’Darwin invented the term in 1859, after he observed living species that looked just like their ancestors of millions of years ago. These creatures occupied small parts of the world, escaped competition and therefore did not change.A team of researchers from the University of Bristol have identified a new way to measure the evolutionary rate of the ‘living fossil’ Sphenodon punctatus or tuatara. The study confirmed that the tuatara has shown very slow evolution, as expected, and importantly, its anatomy is very conservative.Tuatara is a relatively large lizard-like animal that once inhabited the main islands of New Zealand, but it was pushed to the 32 smaller, offshore islands by human activity.While tuatara are not lizards, they share a common ancestor from about 240 million years ago and have survived as an independent evolutionary line since.

Source: New Study Justifies Darwin’s ‘Living Fossils’ Theory

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Yahoo Admits New Hack of 1 Billion Accounts

The massive breach, separate from the hack of 500 million accounts announced last September, may include everything from names, email addresses and telephone numbers to birthdays and MD5 hashed passwords.“Yahoo believes an unauthorized third party, in August 2013, stole data associated with more than one billion user accounts,” Yahoo’s chief information security officer Bob Lord wrote. “The company has not been able to identify the intrusion associated with this theft. Yahoo believes this incident is likely distinct from the incident the company disclosed on September 22, 2016.”The company says it’s in the process of notifying potentially affected users while taking steps to secure accounts through required password changes.

Source: Yahoo Admits New Hack of 1 Billion Accounts

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‘Unmanned warfare is coming,’ says UK Defense Secretary — RT UK

Unmanned warfare across land, sea, and air will soon be the norm, and the UK is intensively researching cutting-edge drone technology, Defense Secretary Michael Fallon said at an event at the University of Oxford’s Department of Engineering Science.He was joined on Monday by new members on the Defence Innovation Advisory Panel – a Ministry of Defense (MoD) initiative – including former soldier and astronaut Tim Peake and Ron Dennis, the former head of McLaren F1 racing.

Source: ‘Unmanned warfare is coming,’ says UK Defense Secretary — RT UK

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US Air Force terminates Predator drones. Now you will fear the Reaper 

After more than 20 years of service, the US Air Force fly boys have today announced that the MQ-1 Predator drone is going to be phased out within a year.Since its first operational deployment in the Balkan wars in the mid-1990s, the Predator has evolved from a pure surveillance drone to an armed flying weapon that has become a symbol of American military forces in large sections of the Middle East. But now the remote-controlled slayer of terrorists and wedding parties is being replaced by the more powerful MQ-9 Reaper drone.”Right now the plan is to stop flying the MQ-1 in 2018, and that means we need to get transitioned this year,” said Air Force Lieutenant Colonel “James,” the 20th Attack Squadron commander.”As part of that, we are going to stop flying the MQ-1 completely by July 1, 2017. We will gradually stand up our number of combat lines on the MQ-9, so by the end of the year we are only an MQ-9 squadron.”

Source: US Air Force terminates Predator drones. Now you will fear the Reaper • The Register

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Skiing Returns to Pakistan 10 Years After Taliban Banned it as an ‘Un-Islamic’ Activity

Skiing is gaining popularity in Pakistan again a decade after the Taliban banned it as an “un-Islamic” activity.The Malam Jabba – the only public ski resort in Pakistan (pictured) – is in the Hindu Kush, 9,000 ft above sea level. Conditions are reported to be excellent, despite the uneven state of the slopes.After the Taliban seized the area tourists disappeared, fearing for their lives. The fanatics imposed a brutal Islamist regime there and executed anyone perceived to be a dissident, often hanging their bodies from lampposts.But, according to the Times of London, today a Chinese-built chair lift ferries tourists back up the mountain and a luxury hotel, replacing one razed by the Taliban, is being built, with cheaper hotels and hostels already open for business.Many are said to use wooden skis on the slopes. There are a small number of tourists from China and Japan. Although the army regained control of Swat after a long and brutal offensive in 2009, it has taken time for tourists to return.

Source: Skiing Returns to Pakistan 10 Years After Taliban Banned it as an ‘Un-Islamic’ Activity | Heat Street

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Bleak Sabbath: Did the mysterious occult group Jacula invent black metal in 1969?

It’s either the most mind-blowing musical anomaly ever unearthed or it’s bullshit. Me, I prefer to believe. You will too. Light some black candles, take a slow sip from your crusty bottle of absinthe, and dig this spooky backstory….In 1966, fledgling mystic Antonio Bartoccetti moved to Milan where he met a wizard named Franz Parthenzy. The two (apparently) communed with dark spirits who gifted Antonio with a musical vision so sinister and so subversive that it took him three years just to find collaborators brave enough to help him bring it to hideous life. He was eventually joined by an older British pipe organist with a classical background named Charles Tiring (R.I.P., presumably, unless he’s 118 years old) and a mysterious vocalist/violinist/keyboard masher, Fiamma Dello Spirito (or Doris Norton, as mere mortals call her).

Source: Bleak Sabbath: Did the mysterious occult group Jacula invent black metal in 1969? | Dangerous Minds

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Video: The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes

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Source: Video: The Federal Reserve Explained in 3 Minutes

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Look How Many Illegals Got Caught Voting in Ohio 

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted informed the public on Monday that nearly 400 non-citizens were able to register to vote, 82 of whom cast ballots.Husted’s office reportedly found the 385 illegal registrations during a biennial review of the voter database in the state that has 7.9 million registered voters. Cincinnati.com and used the number to poo-poo the fraud, because hey, if they only catch a few here or there, it’s not like it’s a big deal right? Never mind that it adds up.That’s leftist “logic” for you.Cincinnati.com reported:Husted is sending law enforcement the names of the 82 non-citizens who voted, so officials can investigate and decide whether to prosecute. His office will send letters to the non-citizens who registered but never voted, requesting they cancel their registration. If they fail to do so, they could ultimately face prosecution. Election fraud can carry a fifth-degree felony charge in Ohio.As Trump has alleged voter fraud in last year’s election, Husted has countered that election fraud isn’t a common problem. Still, his office has boasted of its three reviews of the voter rolls to look for non-citizens, the first such reviews conducted by an Ohio secretary of state.…The secretary of state’s office began the biennial review in 2013. Reviews that year and in 2015 uncovered a total of 44 non-citizens who voted in an election. Of those, eight people have been convicted of breaking the law and two other cases still are pending, spokesman Josh Eck said.“In light of the national discussion about illegal voting it is important to inform our discussions with facts. The fact is voter fraud happens, it is rare and when it happens, we hold people accountable,” a statement from Husted, a Republican that is reportedly likely to run for governor of the state, read.

Source: Look How Many Illegals Got Caught Voting in Ohio | The Federalist Papers

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California Law Enforcement Union Sues To Block Police Accountability 

Because there’s just not enough opacity shrouding police misconduct and not enough slanting of the criminal justice system against defendants, California police unions have decided to get involved in a judicial dispute over lists of law enforcement officers whose half of “our word against yours” isn’t quite as bulletproof as is normally assumed.

A Los Angeles sheriff is trying to do the right thing, but he’s running into opposition from his own supposed “representatives.”

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has collected the names of about 300 deputies who have a history of past misconduct — such as domestic violence, theft, bribery and brutality — that could damage their credibility if they testify in court.

Sheriff Jim McDonnell wants to send the names to prosecutors, who can decide whether to add them to an internal database that tracks problem officers in case the information needs to be disclosed to defendants in criminal trials.

Source: California Law Enforcement Union Sues To Block Police Accountability | Techdirt

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