Look How Many Illegals Got Caught Voting in Ohio 

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted informed the public on Monday that nearly 400 non-citizens were able to register to vote, 82 of whom cast ballots.Husted’s office reportedly found the 385 illegal registrations during a biennial review of the voter database in the state that has 7.9 million registered voters. Cincinnati.com and used the number to poo-poo the fraud, because hey, if they only catch a few here or there, it’s not like it’s a big deal right? Never mind that it adds up.That’s leftist “logic” for you.Cincinnati.com reported:Husted is sending law enforcement the names of the 82 non-citizens who voted, so officials can investigate and decide whether to prosecute. His office will send letters to the non-citizens who registered but never voted, requesting they cancel their registration. If they fail to do so, they could ultimately face prosecution. Election fraud can carry a fifth-degree felony charge in Ohio.As Trump has alleged voter fraud in last year’s election, Husted has countered that election fraud isn’t a common problem. Still, his office has boasted of its three reviews of the voter rolls to look for non-citizens, the first such reviews conducted by an Ohio secretary of state.…The secretary of state’s office began the biennial review in 2013. Reviews that year and in 2015 uncovered a total of 44 non-citizens who voted in an election. Of those, eight people have been convicted of breaking the law and two other cases still are pending, spokesman Josh Eck said.“In light of the national discussion about illegal voting it is important to inform our discussions with facts. The fact is voter fraud happens, it is rare and when it happens, we hold people accountable,” a statement from Husted, a Republican that is reportedly likely to run for governor of the state, read.

Source: Look How Many Illegals Got Caught Voting in Ohio | The Federalist Papers

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