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Creepy short video exposes the very unsexy way sex dolls are made (NSFW) | Dangerous Minds

Super Deluxe had a chance to go behind-the-scenes at the RealDoll factory, located in San Marcos, Calif

ornia, and show you how the dolls are really made. There’s nothing, and I mean nothing sexy about the manufacturing of these dolls. In fact, it’s downright creepy. Almost in a Dexter kind of way. The soundtrack to the video doesn’t help either with its creepiness level.

Source: Creepy short video exposes the very unsexy way sex dolls are made (NSFW) | Dangerous Minds


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Man remanded in custody for ‘having sex with a drain’ 

A man has been banged up after he was hauled before the court for allegedly having sex with a sewer gate. Florin Grosu was remanded in custody after he was allegedly seen fornicating with the drain cover in the middle of the day. Grosu, 33, denied indecent exposure, outraging public decency and criminal damage relating to the January 17 incident. The man, from Romford, east London, appeared at Barkingside Magistrates Court on Monday, where he was remanded in custody to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court next month.

Source: Man remanded in custody for ‘having sex with a drain’ (From Evening Times)

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This Cannabis Gum Could Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Medical and scientific professionals agree that irritable bowel syndrome could have a “brain-gut connection”, meaning anxiety and depression may cause IBS, with one constantly fueling the other. This marijuana-infused chewing gum could be the solution! About 3.5 million people in America experience IBS. Dutch doctors say that a marijuana-infused chewing gum made by an American marijuana company could “cure” IBS. It’s been known that CBD, or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with known anti-inflammatory properties, has shown promise in treating IBS. So, it’s no surprise that a CBD-derived pharmaceutical intended for IBS treatment arrived. Medical researchers from Wageningen University in the Netherlands will begin testing CBD-infused gum made by Medical Marijuana, Inc., a San Diego, California company best known now for touting hemp-derived CBD oil. The lab tests for “CanChew” will be the first time CBD’s efficacy as an IBS treatment will undergo lab testing. This is huge because IBS currently has no proven cure.

Source: This Cannabis Gum Could Cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome – REALfarmacy.com

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New species of bushbaby found in disappearing forests of Angola

It’s a dwarf with big eyes, big ears and a big voice. The newly discovered Angolan dwarf galago belongs to the bushbaby family, members of which are found all over sub-Saharan Africa.The creature’s most distinctive characteristic is its call: a chirping crescendo followed by a twitter, report Magdalena Svensson of Oxford Brookes University, UK, and her colleagues.

This is similar to calls by made by other members of the dwarf galago genus to keep in contact with their group, and is why the researchers have classed the new animal as another dwarf galago . But the new creature is three times the size of its closest relatives – making it more similar to non-dwarf bushbabies in stature.

Source: New species of bushbaby found in disappearing forests of Angola | New Scientist

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Doctors could prescribe houses to the homeless under radical Hawaii bill

One day last month, Stephen Williams asked a passerby for help and then collapsed on the sidewalk. When the ambulance arrived in downtown Honolulu, his temperature was well over 104F.A life-threatening staph infection had entered his bloodstream. Williams, who lives on the dusty streets of Chinatown, spent seven days hooked to an IV, treatment that can cost $40,000, according to the hospital that admitted him. But Williams didn’t pay: the bill was covered by government dollars in the form of Medicaid. Over the past four years, he has been to the hospital for infections 21 times, he said, a consequence of psoriasis flare-ups in a humid climate and unsanitary conditions.

Source: Doctors could prescribe houses to the homeless under radical Hawaii bill | US news | The Guardian

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The World’s 1st Ninja Museum & Academy to Launch in Japan

The ninja, also known as shinobi, has become a mythical figure in popular culture due to their image as an outlaw. They achieved enduring notoriety through popular folktales and historical accounts that cast the stories of men and women recruited from the lower class to be specially trained as spies and mercenaries to take on tasks that were considered “beneath” the aristocratic samurai.Also: The Art Thief Known as “Spider-Man” Sentenced to 8 Years for $110M Paris HeistThey first came into being during the fourteenth century, becoming a secret squad of warriors operating as resistance against the manor system of the period. The following century, the name “ninja’ was established, and they began to act as mercenaries on behalf of various feudal lords as a secret organization. Taught in the ways of guerilla warfare, including sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, their primary purpose was espionage. Their purpose was to provide information that the lords could then use to topple their enemies.

Source: The World’s 1st Ninja Museum & Academy to Launch in Japan

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