The World’s 1st Ninja Museum & Academy to Launch in Japan

The ninja, also known as shinobi, has become a mythical figure in popular culture due to their image as an outlaw. They achieved enduring notoriety through popular folktales and historical accounts that cast the stories of men and women recruited from the lower class to be specially trained as spies and mercenaries to take on tasks that were considered “beneath” the aristocratic samurai.Also: The Art Thief Known as “Spider-Man” Sentenced to 8 Years for $110M Paris HeistThey first came into being during the fourteenth century, becoming a secret squad of warriors operating as resistance against the manor system of the period. The following century, the name “ninja’ was established, and they began to act as mercenaries on behalf of various feudal lords as a secret organization. Taught in the ways of guerilla warfare, including sabotage, infiltration, and assassination, their primary purpose was espionage. Their purpose was to provide information that the lords could then use to topple their enemies.

Source: The World’s 1st Ninja Museum & Academy to Launch in Japan

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