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Now That Trump’s in Office, Colin Kaepernick Says He Will Stand Again for National Anthem

Backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick caused a stir last season by refusing to stand for the National Anthem in the name of social wokeness. The story made national headlines, as an athlete of his un-caliber taking a stand by actually taking a knee in the name of social injustice toward African-Americans in large urban Democrat-controlled cities.Several NFL players kneeled with him in solidarity, and he was praised by everyone from heroically brave sports journalists to congressional representatives. Kaepernick even received an inspiration and courage award from the 49ers.But according to Adam Schefter and several sources at ESPN, Kaepernick has made the decision to no longer take a knee during the national anthem starting next season. Kaepernick is a free agent, with the San Francisco 49ers declining to pick up his option. Some unwoke cynics might see this as a nothing more than a media ploy by Kaepernick to show teams he will not be a distraction on or off the field, which right-wing nut jobs have been suggesting since he began this stunt from the bench last season. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Source: Now That Trump’s in Office, Colin Kaepernick Says He Will Stand Again for National Anthem | Heat Street

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Anti-PC Professor Who Fought Back Against ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Is Running for Top University Job

Jordan Peterson, the University of Toronto professor who sparked a firestorm of protest last year for being politically incorrect, has been nominated to become the Rector of Scotland’s prestigious Glasgow University.University of Peterson entered the public spotlight when he rejected the use of manufactured gender-neutral “preferred pronouns” rather than “he” or “she.” His objection to the Toronto government’s move to criminalize pronoun misuse earned him the ire of the progressive left, who accused him of bigotry against transgender-identifying students, who insist gender rests on a spectrum, and not a binary.A psychologist by trade, Peterson is vocal opponent of “safe space” culture on campuses and argues that progressives threaten freedom of speech through their attempts to police language through public shaming and acts of physical violence. The professor often expresses his views on his YouTube channel, where he also shares his lectures on Western philosophy and dissections of popular culture.

Students at Glasgow University backed Paterson for the 565-year old position, which is currently held by Edward Snowden, the transparency advocate and former NSA contractor who leaked top-secret documents to WikiLeaks. The prestigious position was once held by philosopher Edmund Burke, the great economist Adam Smith, and poet Thomas Campbell. It is regarded as one of the most senior positions at the university.Peterson received enough votes to make him eligible for the position, which he intends to stand. He will go up against other nominated individuals for the position when the ballot is held next month.According to The Times, Peterson expressed humility and gratitude for the nomination by students who support his free speech advocacy.

He says he will continue to stand his ground against the enforcement of gender-neutral terms and the calls to silence speakers who reject it.“What I would consider manufactured pronouns stem from the operation of a philosophical and political agenda that I don’t agree with at all,” said Peterson.If Peterson is awarded the position of Rector, his views will most certainly be at odds with Glasgow University’s own policies on the use of “preferred pronouns,” which may be just the right thing to shake things up in the world of academia.

Source: Anti-PC Professor Who Fought Back Against ‘Preferred Pronouns’ Is Running for Top University Job | Heat Street

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SHA-1 crack just got real: System Center uses it to talk to Linux 

When Google revealed last week that it had destroyed the SHA-1 algorithm, it hammered another nail into the venerable algo’s coffin.But as we noted in our report on the feat, many applications still use SHA-1. And if you’re one of the many Windows shops running Microsoft’s System Center Operations Manager Management Server, you’ve got an exposure.Your problem stems from the fact that System Center 2016 RTM uses the sha1WithRSAEncryption signing algorithm for the both agent certificates and signing certificates, for the agents needed to hook Unix and Linux clients to the management tool.Microsoft has since made the more secure SHA256 algorithm the default in System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager UR12 and System Center 2016 Operations Manager UR2. But ye olde version 2016 RTM still has SHA-1 sputtering away under the hood and you therefore probably have certs signed with the ancient algo that need upgrading.

Source: SHA-1 crack just got real: System Center uses it to talk to Linux • The Register

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A Secret of Many Urban 20-Somethings: Their Parents Help With the Rent 

Almost half of people in their early 20s have a secret, one they don’t usually share even with friends: Their parents help them pay the rent.Moving into adulthood has never been easy, but America’s rapidly changing labor market is making it harder to find economic security at a young age. Skilled work is increasingly concentrated in high-rent metropolitan areas, so more young people are tapping into their parents’ bank accounts.According to surveys that track young people through their first decade of adulthood, about 40 percent of 22-, 23- and 24-year-olds receive some financial assistance from their parents for living expenses. Among those who get help, the average amount is about $3,000 a year.

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Li-Ion Battery Inventor Creates Breakthrough Solid-State Battery, Holds 3X Charge

A new fast charging all solid-state battery has been created by a research team led by John Goodenough at the Cockrell School of Engineering. The American physicist John Goodenough got a Charles Stark Draper prize for the lithium-ion batteries which are now omnipresent in the digital world. It was decades ago, but even at 94, the physics pioneer isn’t going to stop developing things that impress and benefit the human kind.The team has published a research paper in the Energy & Environmental Science journal. The noncombustible fast charging battery can hold a considerable amount of extra charge – almost three times – than the conventional batteries.Goodenough says cheap batteries having more charging of cycles can improve the capabilities the battery driven cars and increase their adoption.

Source: Li-Ion Battery Inventor Creates Breakthrough Solid-State Battery, Holds 3X Charge

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Detainees Sue Private Prison for ‘Forced Labor’ 

The nation’s second largest private prison company is facing some serious legal challenges—and other companies may soon be in the same situation.On Monday, a federal judge ruled that current and former detainees held at an immigrant detention center in Colorado can join a class-action lawsuit against GEO Group, a private prison company. The plaintiffs allege that the GEO Group forced detainees to work for extremely low wages or for no wages at all, and in some cases threatened detainees with solitary confinement as punishment if they refused to work. The center holds undocumented immigrants facing deportation.“This is the first lawsuit of its kind in the history of the United States,” said Andrew Free, one of the plaintiffs’ attorneys. “This is the first time that a private prison company has ever been accused of forced labor, and this is the first time that a judge has ever found that the claims can go forward under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the bans in federal law on forced labor.”

Source: Detainees Sue Private Prison for ‘Forced Labor’ – The Daily Beast

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Working Longer May Benefit Your Health 

Are there health benefits to staying in the work force longer?The scientific research is inconclusive, though it tends to tilt toward “yes.” This is particularly pronounced among people who find work fulfilling in the first place, who tend to be office workers, teachers and others whose workplace is not, say, a factory or a construction site.More so than people in most previous generations, baby boomers are continuing to work past their early 60s, often well beyond. Sometimes, this means delaying retirement from a longtime job, but it can instead involve some kind of bridge job, part-time employment or self-employment. It turns out that, these days, older Americans who retire — in the sense of completely withdrawing from the paid labor force — are increasingly in the minority.“What is the benefit of work? Activation of the brain and activation of social networks may be critical,” Nicole Maestas, an associate professor of health care policy at Harvard Medical School, said in an interview.

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Rachel Dolezal: ‘I’m Not Going to Stoop and Apologise and Grovel’

Spokane is a modest town of wide streets and snow-capped horizons in Washington state, 90 miles from the Canadian border. Its population is 91% white, and voted heavily for Donald Trump. The lunchtime crowd in a downtown hotel bar is too absorbed in the ice hockey game on big screens to notice the woman who sidles into the lobby, and though curious to see what kind of attention she would attract, I feel relieved for her. Her great spiralled mane bounces as she approaches in a jade dress and heels, but only a fool would mistake the look for self-assurance.Two years ago, life was going well for Dolezal. Branch president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and chair of Spokane’s police ombudsman commission, she was well known and respected for her civil rights activism. Her Eastern Washington University students adored her; her 21-year-old son was about to intern for a diversity advocacy group in Washington DC; her younger son was doing well in high school. When a local TV news crew arrived one afternoon to interview her, Dolezal thought they were there to talk about hate crimes.“Are you,” asked the reporter, “African American?” Like a cartoon, her features froze. “I don’t understand the question.” The reporter pressed, “Are your parents white?” Dolezal turned from the camera and fled.

Source: Rachel Dolezal: ‘I’m Not Going to Stoop and Apologise and Grovel’ – American Renaissance

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Keystone Pipeline Won’t Use U.S. Steel Despite Trump Pledge 

PALM BEACH, Fla.—The Keystone XL oil pipeline won’t use American steel in its construction, despite what President Donald Trump says.The language in the directive Mr. Trump issued in January applies to new pipelines or those under repair, said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday.It would be hard to do an about-face on Keystone because it is already under construction and the steel has been acquired, Ms. Sanders said.

President Trump said as recently as last week that Keystone and the Dakota Access Pipeline must use U.S. steel “or we’re not building one.”

He used his executive powers shortly after taking office to green light the two pipeline projects that had been blocked by President Barack Obama.

The Keystone pipeline would run from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast. The Dakota Access line would move North Dakota oil to Illinois, and that project is nearly complete.

Source: Keystone Pipeline Won’t Use U.S. Steel Despite Trump Pledge – WSJ

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Bob’s Burgers is using fan art to make its eighth season premiere

Bob’s Burgers, currently in its seventh season, is one of the finest animated series on TV. It’s smart, subversive, and consistently features some of the best comedians working today. And the show loves its fans — so much so that the creators now plan on animating next season’s premiere with fan art.

Fox has set up a site, fittingly called Bob’s Fart, to allow fans to submit fan art to be used in the premiere. Submissions can be made in three categories: title sequence animations, static background panels, and static character panels. That means if you want to try to animated Bob in yet another Equestranauts costume wandering the beach, you absolutely can. Fox will be accepting submissions until March 13th at 11:59AM PT.

Source: Bob’s Burgers is using fan art to make its eighth season premiere – The Verge

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Recording console used by Pink Floyd for ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ heads to auction

Only two of these custom EMI TG12345 MK IV consoles were ever made and according to former Abbey Road engineer Brian Gibson—long considered to be one of the foremost authorities in the world on such things—this particular console is the “greatest to ever be constructed.”

This particular EMI TG12345 MK IV was in use for over a decade in Studio 2 at the world-renowned Abbey Road Studio. The mythical studio that has stood on 3 Abbey Road, St John’s Wood, City of Westminster, London, England since 1931 has recorded notable bands from The Beatles to The Buzzcocks during its long history.

When it comes to the history of this console, it is as rich as the studio it occupied during its heyday. Though it was used by other prestigious artists such as Paul McCartney and Wings, George Harrison, Kate Bush and later on by The Cure—as the title of this post indicates—the most noteworthy piece of musical history created with the help of this console was Pink Floyd’s 1973 mind-bender The Dark Side of the Moon. Whoah.

Source: Recording console used by Pink Floyd for ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ heads to auction | Dangerous Minds

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Not only is the Mexican government not building a wall; it’s spending $50 million to beef up its legal aid to migrants who fear deportation, a response to President Donald Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration.All 50 Mexican consulates in the U.S. on Friday launched legal assistance centers to form partnerships with nonprofit groups and tap lawyers to help those fearing Trump’s policies.The diplomatic effort comes as the two countries are in a rift over Trump’s plans for a border wall. While Trump says Mexico will pay for it one way or another, Mexico says it won’t. It was also unveiled less than two weeks after new guidelines came out aimed at aggressively detaining and deporting immigrants by increasing the number of federal agents and strengthening cooperation with local law enforcement.

Source: News from The Associated Press

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California bicyclists would be allowed to roll past stop signs under proposed law 

Cyclists would be allowed to pedal past stop signs — without stopping — under legislation proposed by two lawmakers who say it would make the roads safer.The two-tiered approach to the rules of the road — one for cyclists and one for cars — is unlikely to ease growing tensions over sharing California’s roadways.Bike advocates have won such victories in the Statehouse as requiring drivers to yield a three-foot radius of maneuvering room to cyclists or face fines. Motorists meanwhile have expressed frustration that they see certain cyclists pick and choose which laws to follow.Assemblymen Jay Obernolte (R-Hesperia) and Phil Ting (D-San Francisco) introduced their measure on Friday that would allow bicyclists to treat stop signs as merely yield signs — proceeding with caution if conditions are safe.In effect, it would legalize the so-called California roll, although just for bicyclists.“It’s pretty compelling that the data supports this kind of change in the law,” said Obernolte, an avid bicyclist. “Their loss of momentum causes them to spend a substantially longer amount of time in the intersection.”The longer it takes for a bicyclist to pass through an intersection, the greater likelihood that they’ll get hit by an oncoming vehicle, he said.

Source: California bicyclists would be allowed to roll past stop signs under proposed law – LA Times

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Study: Online Dating Causes People To Lower Their Standards – Study Finds

Dating apps are an extremely popular way to socialize and pick up others these days, but recent research suggests they might actually lead people to lower their standards as well.According to researchers at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, singles tend to have a clear idea as to what’s on their dating wish lists, but are actually more likely to go out with people they met online who don’t actually meet those requirements.

Behavioral economists Stephen Whyte and Professor Benno Torgler were behind the research published as “Preference vs Choice in Online Dating” in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behaviour and Social Networking. They watched the behavior of nearly 42,000 people between the ages of 18 and 80 who were using an Australian dating site called “RSVP” from Jan. 2016 through April 2016. About 78 percent of the participants were men.

Source: Study: Online Dating Causes People To Lower Their Standards – Study Finds

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Google and Amazon race to fix the biggest problem with voice assistants

Current-gen voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant, – which you can interact with by speaking commands to connected speakers from the respective companies – have a major drawback: They can only be connected to a single user account at a time.That means that your partner can’t access their calendar entries if your speaker is tied to your account; it also means that you can’t prevent your children from streaming audio and video content that may not be age-appropriate, and that all searches and recommendations through their interactions will be tied to your account. But it looks like Amazon is inching closer to a solution.Ever been to a tech festival?TNW Conference won best European Event 2016 for our festival vibe. See what’s in store for 2017.LEARN MORETime reports that since 2015, Amazon has been working on Voice ID, a way to distinguish between Alexa users’ voices and correctly identify which member of a household is issuing commands.

Source: Google and Amazon race to fix the biggest problem with voice assistants

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