Now That Trump’s in Office, Colin Kaepernick Says He Will Stand Again for National Anthem

Backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick caused a stir last season by refusing to stand for the National Anthem in the name of social wokeness. The story made national headlines, as an athlete of his un-caliber taking a stand by actually taking a knee in the name of social injustice toward African-Americans in large urban Democrat-controlled cities.Several NFL players kneeled with him in solidarity, and he was praised by everyone from heroically brave sports journalists to congressional representatives. Kaepernick even received an inspiration and courage award from the 49ers.But according to Adam Schefter and several sources at ESPN, Kaepernick has made the decision to no longer take a knee during the national anthem starting next season. Kaepernick is a free agent, with the San Francisco 49ers declining to pick up his option. Some unwoke cynics might see this as a nothing more than a media ploy by Kaepernick to show teams he will not be a distraction on or off the field, which right-wing nut jobs have been suggesting since he began this stunt from the bench last season. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Source: Now That Trump’s in Office, Colin Kaepernick Says He Will Stand Again for National Anthem | Heat Street

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