Facebook accepts ‘blood money’ from terrorist activities: lawsuits

A lawyer behind a pair of lawsuits alleging Facebook allows terrorist groups to use the social network as a recruiting platform called on the company Wednesday to stop profiting from advertiser “blood money” while turning a blind eye to the influx of the ill-intentioned users.

While Facebook maintains it has employees scrubbing terror-related content from the site around the clock, attorney Robert Tolchin and his client questioned their methods — and their motives — following a hearing in Brooklyn federal court where lawyers for Facebook urged a judge to dismiss the case.“

When Facebook decided they wanted to address the issue of child pornography, they created a database,” said Micha Lakin Avni, whose father was murdered by Hamas in an Oct. 2015 bus attack. “If someone puts up a picture, not only will it be taken down, but it will be added to a database, and every picture that’s put up will be compared to that database automatically.

Source: Facebook accepts ‘blood money’ from terrorist activities: lawsuits | New York Post

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