Husband’s Lucky Charms Poisoned By Woman To Avoid Sex

Lucky Charms with only marshmallows in the box is a dream. Lucky Charms with poison included? Not so much of a dream.So some people get quite peeved when they are denied sex. Need examples? Check out the Florida Man who shot his wife in the ass for turning him down. Or read up on the woman who stabbed her boyfriend after he refused to have sex with her. But now we have a woman that went the extra mile just to get out of sex with her husband.Andrea Heming admitted to police to poisoning her husband’s Lucky Charms cereal in order to not have to have sex with him. Heming pleaded guilty to contaminating her husband’s cereal with boric acid, which is use to kill cockroaches. Heming even admitted to throwing some energy drinks and whipped cream into his cereal for some reason. Heming sure was desperate.

Source: Husband’s Lucky Charms Poisoned By Woman To Avoid Sex

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