When It Comes To Searching For Sex Positions Online, D.C. Blows Away The Rest Of The Country: DCist

People in D.C. search online for sex positions at about four times the national average, according to a new study that is confounding the researchers themselves.The AskMen study looked at state-level Google AdWords data and compared it to a “predetermined list of sex positions” to figure out which ones people searched for the most, and whether geography played a role. While it tracks the searches, it does not look into whether people clicked on links that provided information versus those that offered a more real-life application via video.Americans search for sex positions on Google at a rate of about 4.5 times per 1,000 residents, the study finds, but in D.C., the rate is 18.7 searches per 1,000 residents. Wyoming, in second place, has a rate of about 9 searches per 1,000 residents.(Here’s a boner-killing reminder that, while Wyoming has a smaller population than D.C., it has two senators and a voting member in the House, while the District does not.)AskMen’s Ian Lang guesses that locations with less population diversity search more frequently for sex positions online. But D.C., which blows away the other states in terms of sex position searches, doesn’t fit into this neat little theory.”I have no clue what’s going on in D.C. (which is obviously not a state but works as one for our purposes), by the way,” writes Lang. “Either it’s an aberration, or the jokes about crusty, conservative old people actually being freaks in the sheets holds water.”

Source: When It Comes To Searching For Sex Positions Online, D.C. Blows Away The Rest Of The Country: DCist

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