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Thiel: Globalization is over

Thiel: Trump’s election showed ‘the tide is going out’ on globalization  2 Hours Ago | 00:56Investor Peter Thiel— who stumped for President Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention and has remained close to the president — believes the era of globalization is over.Trump’s victory showed just how unhappy people are with globalization, he said.”I’m naturally inclined to think of it in those terms,” said Thiel. “There’s something around globalization that’s not been working that well.”Thiel’s comments came Tuesday night at the CERAWeek by IHS Markit conference in Houston.The movement of people and goods is becoming more difficult through immigration and trade restrictions, said Thiel. Western Europe and other places are tightening regulations, creating headwinds for global banks and tech companies, he added.

Source: Thiel: Globalization is over

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Wireless Patch May Ease Migraine Pain Just as Well as Drugs

A preliminary study suggests that a new, wireless patch that you wear on your arm may help reduce migraine pain as well as drugs. The study is published in the March 1, 2017, online issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology.”These results need to be confirmed with additional studies, but they are exciting,” said study author David Yarnitsky, MD, of Technion Faculty of Medicine in Haifa, Israel, and a member of the Medical Advisory Board for Theranica, maker of the stimulation device. “People with migraine are looking for non-drug treatments, and this new device is easy to use, has no side effects and can be conveniently used in work or social settings.”The device uses electrical stimulation to block the pain signals from reaching the brain. The patch uses rubber electrodes and a chip on an armband. The device can be controlled by a smartphone app. In the past when stimulation has been tested for people with migraine, devices needed wires and were attached to the head.The study involved 71 people with episodic migraine who had two to eight attacks per month and had not taken any preventive medication for migraine for at least two months. Participants were asked to apply the device to their upper arm soon after the start of a migraine and use it for 20 minutes. They were not supposed to take any medications for migraine for two hours.

Source: Wireless Patch May Ease Migraine Pain Just as Well as Drugs

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South Florida water managers to consider hiring hunters to stalk pythons 

South Florida water managers may amp up the state’s failing war against the Burmese python with a new weapon: a paid python posse.On Thursday, the South Florida Water Management District will consider a proposal to hire hunters, paying them by the hour, plus a bonus for every snake killed, as part of a two-month, $175,000 pilot project. Hunters would patrol only district land in Miami-Dade County, which includes the vast water conservation area where remote tree islands offer hiding places perfectly suited for the well-camouflaged snakes.The district declined to provide more details until after the presentation is made to the governing board.Controlling the pythons has vexed biologists and wildlife officers who have been outgunned by the slithery invaders, which can lay clutches of up to 50 eggs at a time. The snakes started turning up in the marshes, either dumped by unhappy owners or escapees from breeding facilities, in the 1980s, and by about 2000 were firmly established. In September, state wildlife officers confirmed that pythons had also spread to the Keys after they found hatchlings for the first time.

Source: South Florida water managers to consider hiring hunters to stalk pythons | Miami Herald

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‘Porno chic’: Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign slammed for ‘ticking all sexist boxes’

French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent has come under fire for a ‘porno chic’ ad campaign which includes a model in fishnet tights opening her legs for the camera. The country’s leading women’s group has called for the campaign to be pulled.France’s advertising authority says the brand “uncontestably breached” its rules by launching the campaign, which also features a model in a leotard and roller skate stilettos bending over a stool.The regulator’s director, Stephane Martin, spoke to AFP about the complaints the authority has received, noting that most were from people who saw the images as an “incitement to rape.”

Source: ‘Porno chic’: Yves Saint Laurent ad campaign slammed for ‘ticking all sexist boxes’ — RT Viral

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Now You Can Use NASA’s Volcano-Tracking Technology to Monitor Your Baby 

The best way to monitor a baby, most parents will tell you, is with your eyes and ears.Does the baby seem to need something? Okay. Go get that thing for the baby. Is the baby safe and calm? Excellent. Good monitoring, everyone.The fact that babies have an extraordinarily effective built-in parental notification system (wailing loudly) has not quelled the market for high-tech baby monitors. If anything, the availability of cheap sensors—plus the appetite for anything wifi-connected and smartphone-controlled—has made this segment of the Baby Industrial Complex take off in recent years.But who needs the latest ready-to-buy device when you can build your own sensor network using NASA’s volcano-tracking technology?

Source: Now You Can Use NASA’s Volcano-Tracking Technology to Monitor Your Baby – The Atlantic

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Scientists Store A Computer OS, A Movie, And A Virus Inside DNA With 100% Accuracy

To compete with the fast pace at which data is being produced, the researchers are busy exploring ne

w methods to store data. Apart from storing tons of data on tiny USB drives, they’re working on more innovative methods like DNA storage. The biggest advantages of DNA storage are its high data storage density and long-lasting ability. Even tech giants like Microsoft are spending tons of money on such systems.Recently, the sci

entists from the Data Science Institute at Columbia University and the New York Genome Center published a new paper that showed how the DNA-based data storage technique can be used to store digital information like operating system, malware, or movie.The scientists have announced that they have formulated a process to store data with 100% accuracy and 60% more efficiency as co

mpared to the previous attempts.Source: Scientists Store A Computer O

S, A Movie, And A Virus Inside DNA With 100% Accuracy

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Meet the deadliest tree in the world. It’s so dangerous you could die just by standing underneath it

A vacation on a sunny island in the Caribbean could take a turn for the worse if you’re unfortunate enough to come across the manchineel. No, it’s not some drug trafficking gang nor some venomous creature. It’s a tree whose green fruits look a lot like crabapples. Munch them and you’ll get diarrhea and stomach burns faster than Eve got kicked out of Eden. Eat enough of the toxic fruit and you’ll die. The tree is so dangerous even standing beneath it on a rainy day could be fatal as the tree’s bark is laced with water soluble toxins.This is where Snow White’s stepmother sources her goodsLocals where the manchineel tree (Hippomane mancinella) is native — places like South Florida, the Caribbean, Central American, and northern South America — have learned to keep away from it. They even gave it an ominous name in Spanish, arbol de la muerte, so people know they shouldn’t mess with it, which literally translates into “tree of death.”

Source: Meet the deadliest tree in the world. It’s so dangerous you could die just by standing underneath it

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To keep Tor hack source code secret, DOJ dismisses child porn case

The case, United States v. Jay Michaud, is one of nearly 200 cases nationwide that have raised new questions about the appropriate limitations on the government’s ability to hack criminal suspects. Michaud marks just the second time that prosecutors have asked that case be dismissed.”The government must now choose between disclosure of classified information and dismissal of its indictment,” Annette Hayes, a federal prosecutor, wrote in a court filing on Friday. “Disclosure is not currently an option. Dismissal without prejudice leaves open the possibility that the government could bring new charges should there come a time within the statute of limitations when and the government be in a position to provide the requested discovery.”The Department of Justice is currently prosecuting over 135 people nationwide whom they believe accessed the illegal website. However, in order to find those people, federal authorities seized and operated the site for 13 days before closing it down. During that period, the FBI deployed a Tor exploit that allowed them to find out those users’ real IP addresses. The use of Tor, which obscures and anonymizes IP addresses and browser user agents, makes it significantly more difficult for individuals to be tracked online. With the exploit, it became extremely easy for suspects to be identified and located.

Source: To keep Tor hack source code secret, DOJ dismisses child porn case | Ars Technica

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Robots could soon be built with human flesh

If all goes well, we could very soon see robots being made with human flesh. Before you freak out, the purpose of the robot-dress up is to help those people who need tissue transplants.Two University of Oxford biomedical researchers, Pierre-Alexis Mouthuy and Professor Andrew Carr, writing in Science Robotics, argue that moving humanoid robots could help create muscle and tendon grafts that actually work.The researchers pointed to existing robots, including the Eccerobot, a plastic machine with ‘human’ bones, tendons and skin, to explain how future bots will grow real tissue.They said: “Over the past decade, exciting progress has been made in the development of humanoid robots. In particular, musculoskeletal humanoids (such as Kenshiro and Eccerobot) were developed to interact with humans in a safer and more natural way. They aim to closely replicate the detailed anatomy of the human musculoskeletal system including muscles, tendons, and bones. We suggest that musculoskeletal robots may assist in the growth of musculoskeletal tissue grafts for tissue transplant applications.”

Source: Robots could soon be built with human flesh » TechWorm

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College kids are using student loans for wild spring break trips 

A growing number of students, it seems, will use their student loans to fund their upcoming fun-in-the-sun spring breaks.Roughly 30 percent of US students will tap into their growing pile of college debt to pay for their weeklong frolic, a survey from LendEDU revealed.That’s up from last year, when a separate survey, conducted by Google Consumer Surveys on behalf of Student Loan Hero, found that about 20 percent of students spent their loan cash on dining out, entertainment and spring breaks.While using student loan cash for booze, beer pong and sunblock is not illegal, few experts find it wise.

Source: College kids are using student loans for wild spring break trips | New York Post

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First photos of radioactive wild boar roaming Fukushima’s nuclear wastelands as they’re culled for attacking people – Mirror Online

We’ve all heard the crazy stories about radioactive boar roaming the nuclear wastelands of Fukushima.But such an outlandish tale can’t possibly be true, can it?No-one has ever seen pictures of these creaturesUntil now.These incredibly unusual photographs of the terrifying mammals were taken in the exclusion zone around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi power plant, whose reactors went into meltdown after it was struck by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.There have been many obvious dangers faced by Japan in the wake of the disaster, but one of the most unexpected has also proved to be one of the most fascinating.

Source: First photos of radioactive wild boar roaming Fukushima’s nuclear wastelands as they’re culled for attacking people – Mirror Online

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In an unexplained case, brain activity has been recorded as much as 10 minutes after death – ScienceAlert

Doctors in a Canadian intensive care unit have stumbled on a very strange case – when life support was turned off for four terminal patients, one of them showed persistent brain activity even after they were declared clinically dead.For more than 10 minutes after doctors confirmed death through a range of observations, including the absence of a pulse and unreactive pupils, the patient appeared to experience the same kind of brain waves (delta wave bursts) we get during deep sleep. And it’s an entirely different phenomenon to the sudden ‘death wave’ that’s been observed in rats following decapitation.”In one patient, single delta wave bursts persisted following the cessation of both the cardiac rhythm and arterial blood pressure (ABP),” the team from the University of Western Ontario in Canada reports.They also found that death could be a unique experience for each individual, noting that across the four patients, the frontal electroencephalographic (EEG) recordings of their brain activity displayed few similarities both before and after they were declared dead.

Source: In an unexplained case, brain activity has been recorded as much as 10 minutes after death – ScienceAlert

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Climber reveals survival tale after 2,000 ft. fall from mountain 

PARADISE, Calif. – A mountain climber from Butte County survived two days in the snow after falling about 2,000 feet from a mountain summit in Colorado. Doctors in Colorado told his family it’s a fall no one would be expected to survive.Ryan Montoya, 23, of Paradise, is recovering in a Denver hospital. He went missing Sunday while climbing alone trying to summit Pyramid Peak, a 14,000 foot peak near Aspen, Colorado.


Source: Climber reveals survival tale after 2,000 ft. fall from mountain – KRCR

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Google’s Eric Schmidt: Countries will fight over big data – Business Insider

If big data really is the “new oil,” does this mean that countries will fight over it?This is what Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google parent company Alphabet, suggested in a speech at the company’s Google Cloud Next conference on Wednesday.”I think big data is so powerful that nation stats will fight over how much data matters,” he told attendees.”He who has the data can do the analytics and the algorithms … the scale that we talked about will provide huge nation state benefits, in terms of global companies and benefits for their citizens, and so on.” (You can watch Schmidt’s full keynote speech below.)Like artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), big data is pretty hyped — but even so, this is still a bold prediction.

Source: Google’s Eric Schmidt: Countries will fight over big data – Business Insider

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