Scientists Store A Computer OS, A Movie, And A Virus Inside DNA With 100% Accuracy

To compete with the fast pace at which data is being produced, the researchers are busy exploring ne

w methods to store data. Apart from storing tons of data on tiny USB drives, they’re working on more innovative methods like DNA storage. The biggest advantages of DNA storage are its high data storage density and long-lasting ability. Even tech giants like Microsoft are spending tons of money on such systems.Recently, the sci

entists from the Data Science Institute at Columbia University and the New York Genome Center published a new paper that showed how the DNA-based data storage technique can be used to store digital information like operating system, malware, or movie.The scientists have announced that they have formulated a process to store data with 100% accuracy and 60% more efficiency as co

mpared to the previous attempts.Source: Scientists Store A Computer O

S, A Movie, And A Virus Inside DNA With 100% Accuracy

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