Most people watch pirated content, a survey shows

More than half of the people surveyed across the world still watch pirated movies and TV shows, a new survey shows.The study, conducted by digital security firm Irdeto, asked more than 25,000 adults across 30 countries about video watching trends. Here’s what it found:52 percent of those surveyed said they watch pirated videos.48 said they would stop, or watch less illegal content after they were told about the damaging effects of piracy on the media industry.While many recognize that producing or sharing pirated video is illegal (70 percent), far fewer people are aware that streaming or downloading is also against the law (59 percent).87 percent of respondents in Russia do not think that producing or sharing pirated video content is illegal. 66 percent believe that it is not illegal to download or stream pirated stuff.Asia-Pacific (61 percent) and Latin America (70 percent) had the most people admitting to watching pirated films and shows.Viewers in Europe (45 percent) and the US (32 percent) said they pirate the least.

Source: Most people watch pirated content, a survey shows

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