New Liberal Kids Coloring Book is Most Insane Thing We’ve Ever Seen

The latest insane offering from the regressive left is a coloring book about menstruation that claims that men get periods too.Newsbusters reported:DC-based artist Cass Clemmer wants to destigmatize periods. But, in the process, she wants to “de-gender” them as well.Growing up in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Clemmer hit puberty in a society that kept mum about menstruation and the biology behind it. Because of her personal experience, she sought to stop that silence, while also shining a light on the “men” who get periods too.To achieve that goal, she created the character “Toni” — a literal tampon with googly eyes — and started posting photos of it to her Instagram account. The project soon developed into a coloring book. Called The Adventures of Toni the Tampon, the book has a full range of feminine product characters, including Marina the Menstrual Cup, Patrice the Pad and Sebastian the Sponge.Apparently, acknowledging the biological reality that only women get periods amounts to excluding those who have mental issues about their gender and have decided to call themselves men despite being biological females.Mashable’s Katie Dupere wrote, “Sebastian the Sponge is a man. And yes, men do get periods.”No, they do not. Biological females get periods — just because a woman pretends to be a man and even gets hormones pumped into her body doesn’t change the basic, scientific fact that she has two X chromosomes and is, in fact, a woman.Leftists claim to love science so much and claim that anyone that doesn’t buy into their ideology regarding, oh say, climate change is somehow a “science denier.” Yet in terms of both climate change and gender, the science doesn’t work in their favor.According to Newsbusters, Clemmer chose a non-gender-specific name for the book’s main character so as to “affirm all menstruators.”“I’d rather help just one genderqueer or trans menstruator feel like they were seen, than sell a thousand copies only to reinforce the boundaries society draws by gendering periods in the first place,” Clemmer told Dupere.

Source: New Liberal Kids Coloring Book is Most Insane Thing We’ve Ever Seen | The Federalist Papers

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