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Stephen Hawking is going to space

Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the most celebrated minds in science who’s known for his work in unlocking the mysteries of gravity, will soon see his biggest dream become reality as he’s set to venture into outer space soon.In an interview with Piers Morgan on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Hawking said:My ultimate ambition is to fly into space. I thought no one would take me, but Richard Branson has offered me a seat on Virgin Galactic, and I said yes immediately.

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How to make sewage drinkable | Popular Science

You should want to drink from your toilet. Flushes flood sewers with precious liquid that ends up washed out to sea or sprinkled on crops. But we could be enjoying recycled urine as a beverage. Some U.S. cities, like the perpetually parched San Diego, are beginning to use advanced purification treatment plants to reclaim the stuff, combating drought by harnessing millions of gallons of would-be waste daily. It tastes so good, you’ll forget that it used to be your neighbor’s pee.

1 of 6Out with the oldIllustration by Adam SimpsonStep 1.Your urine is more than 90 percent water (and your poop is about three-quarters). Each time you flush, the sewer system ferries your waste—along with 1.6 to 7 gallons of perfectly good H2O used to swirl it down your porcelain throne—to a treatment plant designed to make it taste delicious.

Source: How to make sewage drinkable | Popular Science

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