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Slovakian Collector Opens Museum of Old Mobile Phones

Many people have one or two really old mobile phones from before the smartphone revolution happened, but 26-year old Stefan Polgari has a collection of over 3,500 of them, made up of 1,231 different models.Polgari, from the small Slovakian town of Dobsina, has always been kind of a tech-head, and at 15-years-old, he started doing online reviews of new mobile phones. Before long, he had already amassed a small collection of Nokia, Alcatel, Sagem, Ericsson and other brands that were available in Slovakia at the time. But it was 2 years ago that Stefan’s collection really took off, after he bought someone’s collection of 1,000 old phones for a few thousands of euros. He has been hunting for missing models to add to his already impressive collection ever since, and today he is the proud owner of 3,500 “ancient” mobile phones, about half of which still work.

Source: Slovakian Collector Opens Museum of Old Mobile Phones | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities

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Amy Schumer Blames Trump and the ‘Alt-Right’ for Bad Reviews 

Amy Schumer’s latest foray into comedy, a Netflix standup special titled ‘The Leather Special’, has failed to gain her many new fans, as bored viewers inundated it with thousands of bad reviews. Her fans really hate it, and they’ve been keen to voice their dislike. But Schumer blames those bad reviews on the “alt-right.” She also believes that Trump is out to get her.Schumer’s decline in popularity over recent months has been well-charted. Jumping from one controversy to the next, the comedienne’s tired humor about her genitals and her constant attacks on Hillary Clinton’s detractors have become the subject of mockery by other comedians, including the writers of South Park. The public has taken notice.“Can I give half a star? I couldn’t even get through this. Amy needs to expand on the joke subject matter a bit and stop talking about her swampy, stinky, lady-business area,” reads one review.

Source: Amy Schumer Blames Trump and the ‘Alt-Right’ for Bad Reviews | Heat Street

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Gender identity laws cancel out protections for females 

When we hear about the new idea of gender identity laws, we hear a lot about why transgender people need these laws in order to stop discrimination against them. But what we don’t hear about is how these laws will affect already protected groups, females in particular, but other groups as well such as people of color, and disabled people.The easiest way I can demonstrate how gender identity overrides sex is by explaining how the law would function. Let’s take a step back from the bathroom debate for a moment, as it’s highly politicized, and look at another place gender identity laws will impact: sports. We can whittle it down even further and look at college sports.There was a time when women couldn’t participate in sports in colleges. Of course, there was a time when women couldn’t go to college either. But suffice it to say, the sports arena is a place women had to fight to be. Now there is Title IX, a portion of the Education Amendments of ’72, which requires colleges to make sports teams available to women as well as men on the basis of sex, to ensure equitable and equal access to sports programs (as well as anything sex-based protection applies to, such as access to education, housing, security on-campus, etc).

Source: Gender identity laws cancel out protections for females – The Fifth Column

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