Mike Rowe: What New “Monopoly” Pieces Show About Pop Culture And Work 

As TFPP covered over the weekend, future iterations of the classic board game Monopoly will replace the iconic thimble, boot, and wheelbarrow playing pieces with a T-rex, rubber ducky, and penguin, following a vote for what the new pieces should be. Now, Mike Rowe has weighed in on the news.Responding to a fan question on Facebook, the TV personality and common sense advocate said what a lot of Americans are thinking about toy company Hasbro’s decision to “eliminate three iconic tokens of work” and replace them with “a baby’s toy, an over-dressed bird, and a dead lizard,” noting that this trend actually started in 2013 when “the noble iron was replaced by a cat.”To be clear, I’m fine if Hasbro wants to swap out their classic tokens for rainbows and emoji’s and golden hashtags or whatever else suits them – it’s their sandbox, and every business should be free to roll out the next can of New Coke. (Now there’s a token!) But this recent change is not a reflection of what the company wants – this is a reflection of what real people actually voted for. And the people have spoken. The wheelbarrow is out. The rubber ducky is in. And the real question, John, is why are you shocked? Why is anyone?

Source: Mike Rowe: What New “Monopoly” Pieces Show About Pop Culture And Work | The Federalist Papers

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