Fourteen Men and Women Arrested for Slaughtering Sheep and Stripping Naked at Auschwitz

Police in Poland have arrested 14 men and women who slaughtered a sheep and stripped naked at Auschwitz.

The group, aged 20 to 27, later chained themselves together at the former Nazi death camp’s front gate (pictured), which bears the words “Arbeit macht frei” (Work makes you free).

Their identities have not been confirmed, though it has been established that the activists comprised both Poles and foreigners. It’s been suggested they were protesting against the conflict in Ukraine.

According to reports, the men and women draped a white banner with the red text “love” over the gate and filmed the exercise with a drone.

Guards at the site, which is now a museum, immediately intervened and police said that all those involved had been detained. The museum was temporarily closed.


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