Hackers Use $5 Speakers To Control Smartphone And Fitbit Using Sound Waves

We can control a smartphone using our voice, why not the hackers? You might have read about voice commands neatly stuffed into YouTube videos can be used to take down a smartphone. They can do it in other different ways going beyond software. And their control powers are not limited to smartphones, but it can include Fitbit, toys, cars, or other things that house an accelerometer sensor.A team by Kevin Fu at the University of Michigan has devised a way to agitate the spring-suspended capacitive MEMS accelerometer of a device to make it think the device is in motion.Using correctly curated sound waves emitting from a speaker, they can control any app on the smartphone or another device. During their experiments, they made a FitBit band count steps while it was sitting peacefully at one place. They were also able to make a Galaxy S5 spell out the word WALNUT in the graph readings.

Source: Hackers Use $5 Speakers To Control Smartphone And Fitbit Using Sound Waves

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