Siri sends users who ask for prostitutes to a Toronto bar

People will use Siri to find almost anything. She just might not give them the right directions.

Apple’s voice-activated search function has been directing Toronto users who ask about prostitutes to a Little Italy bar that, owners say, is definitely not a place to find them.

Alvin Acyapan, co-owner of Meltdown eSports Bar on College St. near Ossington Ave., says he began receiving mysterious late night calls shortly after the establishment’s grand opening in November 2016.

Each time Acyapan answered, there was a voice on the other end, asking for an escort.

“I thought people were getting the wrong number or maybe it was a prank by someone listing our phone number on some unscrupulous website,” said Acyapan, whose personal cell phone doubles as the business’s main phone line.

Finally, on Sunday, a caller asking after “prostitutes” revealed that Siri had given him Acyapan’s number.


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