Vasectomies peak during March Madness

March Madness is underway and a new study shows there is actually a loss, to the tune of $2 billion, in productivity in the workplace.

However, one type of business welcomes this time of year to boost revenue. Many urologists see a double digit increase in the amount of men coming in to get a vasectomy. It is a quick procedure that keeps men off of their feet and on the couch for a couple of days.

“I imagine my wife would have a hard time with me watching four straight days of basketball, but I kinda have an excuse now,” Rob Myklebust said.

Myklebust’s excuse is that he’s recovering from the elective surgery. A vasectomy, which prevents men from having kids or more kids.

“For two days post procedure men don’t do anything at all. They literally lay around and use ice to keep the swelling down,” Dr. Todd Waldmann with the Idaho Urologic Institute said.


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