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Wild Monkeys Help A Tourist Lost In The Amazon Survive His Ordeal

A pack of wild monkeys helped a Chilean tourist who’d been separated from his tour group survive in the Amazon rainforest for more than a week by dropping fruit in his path and leading him to water and safety every day, National Geographic reports.

Less than a month ago, 25-year-old Maykool Coroseo Acuña inexplicably abandoned the Max Adventures campgrounds in the Bolivian rainforest. Dozens of park rangers looked night and day for Acuña, and his family even flew in to help the search effort. Eventually, Acuña’s sister found him after hearing him scream in anguish through the rainforest leaves on day nine.

Nobody is quite sure why Acuña suddenly took off and ran into the brush by himself, but he left without a trace.

continue http://all-that-is-interesting.com/monkeys-lost-tourist-amazon

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Watch Two Women Twerk On A Coffin Because Nothing Is Sacred Anymore Read more at

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82% Of American Men Would Rather Lose A Finger Than Never Have Sex Again

And yet, that’s not a shocking figure.

Everyone has played “Would You Rather” before, as it is usually a game that finds itself in conversation when everyone is drunk and lying down in the living room, talking about life and how much they hate each other. And of course, the game usually ends up pitting two gross things against each other, and you have to choose one. But the lovely folks at Dr. Ed decided to push the envelope a tad more.

Dr. Ed asked 2,000 Americans and Europeans this question: “How important is sex to them, and what would and wouldn’t they give up for it?” And some of the answers were pretty crazy,

continue http://www.craveonline.com/mandatory/1237029-82-american-men-rather-lose-finger-never-sex

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It takes a feast of facial imagery to teach a machine how to recognize an individual person.

This is why computer scientists so often use the faces of Hollywood celebrities in their research. Tom Hanks, for example, is in so many publicly available photographs that it’s fairly easy to build a Hanks database for algorithm-training purposes.

Depending on a researcher’s needs, there are many other available databases of human faces—some featuring tens of thousands of images. These collections of faces draw from public records like mugshots, surveillance footage, news photos, Google images and university studies.

It’s entirely possible your face is in one of these databases. There’s no way to say for certain it isn’t.

Your face is yours. It is a defining feature of your identity. But it’s also just another datapoint waiting to be collected. At a time when cameras are ubiquitous and individual data collection is baked into nearly every transaction a person can make, faces are increasingly up for grabs.

continue http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2017/03/who-owns-your-face/136458/

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Sushi Donuts Are a Thing Now And What Is Life Anyway

sushi-donuts-feat-620x400Sushi is a loved dish around the world, there are many types of sushi and we wrote about a few of them in the past like the rainbow sushi or the burger sushi, but this one really takes the cake, meet the Sushi Donut!

The person behind these new food obsession is a girl named Sam, she is a vegan food creatrix who came up with this genius idea and posted it to her Instagram profile and her followers did the rest. By the way, if you think her name is familiar you’re right! Sam was the one behind the amazing Galaxy donuts we wrote about a while back.

The sushi donuts are made by greasing a donut mould with some coconut oil and than adding the cool sushi rice to it and decorating the donut with some black sesame,wasabi,ginger, avocado and everything else you want to make it yummy and beautiful.

continue http://theawesomedaily.com/sushi-donuts/

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‘Cards Against Humanity’ Creator Just Pledged To Buy and Publish Congress’s Browser History

Creator of popular card game “Cards Against Humanity” Max Temkin vowed that if Congress voted to attack net neutrality, that he would purchase Congress’ browser history and publish it.


If this shit passes I will buy the browser history of every congressman and congressional aide and publish it. cc @SpeakerRyan https://twitter.com/arstechnica/status/846389367262318593 

The vote ultimately decided that Internet Service Providers will be permitted to sell off their customers’ private data to advertisers.

Or, perhaps, to companies whose founders want to humiliate those responsible for this massively unpopular decision.

Rather than donating to crowdfunding efforts hoping to inflict similar humiliations, Temkin has encouraged citizens to save their money. He plans to purchase and release the data himself.

continue http://resistancereport.com/news/cards-humanity-creator-just-pledged-buy-publish-congresss-browser-history/

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  • Augmenting body cameras with facial recognition is not a hypothetical or a research and development target–it is already available in several body camera products.
  • Biometric data is weakly regulated in US police forces, meaning there might be nothing standing in the way of law enforcement integrating it into existing body cameras.
  • Current facial recognition technologies are just accurate enough to pick out faces from low-resolution images, but not accurate enough to ensure proper identification.

A new report by the Intercept warns that the unsettlingly realistic prospect of facial recognition programs being deployed as an augmentation to police body cameras could have grave repercussions on the privacy of citizens. What makes the intrusiveness of this potential policing technology particularly serious is the combination of lax existing biometric data policies in police forces and nascent, error-prone facial identification software.

To begin with, the piece reveals that the technical capacity for integrating facial recognition programs into body cameras already exists. Almost a quarter of body camera manufacturers offer facial detection and identification capabilities with their products, according to a joint study by the Department of Justice and Johns Hopkins University. Correspondingly, new facial recognition algorithms, such as that of the startup compnay NTechLab, are able to be installed to body cameras. Even more concerning, this new generation of facial recognition products offers a quantum leap in capabilities, such as, in addition to real-time processing, the ability fetch location history, criminal history, and immigration status.

continue http://www.ccdbr.org/posts/unchecked-facial-recognition-programs-could-severely-erode-privacy-when-coupled-with-police-body-cameras/

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