Residents of Honeyville deal with sudden and temporary bee problem 

HONEYVILLE — For a few weeks at a time twice a year, a few residents of Honeyville are concerned about new neighbors buzzing near their homes.Bees — dozens of boxes filled with bees — are mysteriously appearing at a gravel pit owned by Kilgore Companies just west of a residential area near 6900 North. Residents of the area said this has happened for years and nothing as happened because they vanish as quickly as they appear.The bees returned weeks ago without warning and they’ll disappear soon, too, about as quickly as they came. It’s bit of a mystery, but more than that.“They’re definitely an annoyance,” said Jeff Rinaldo, who resides less than a quarter-mile from the pit. Rinaldo said the bees come in and create problems for those living in the area for the past few years. He said the bees were so bad once it nearly killed the family’s horse.

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