Tor Browser Will Feature More Rust Code

The Tor Browser, a heavily modified version of the Firefox browser with many privacy-enhancing features, will include more code written in the Rust programming language.

Tor Project developers have first proposed featuring more Rust code in 2014, but the proposal never got anywhere.

Rust, which is a programming language developed by Mozilla, is a safer version of C++ that makes it more difficult for developers to accidentally introduce memory corruption errors in their code.

Firefox already includes Rust code

Mozilla started shipping its first Rust-based components in Firefox in the summer of 2016, and the programming language is expected to take a dominant role in Firefox development, eventually replacing most of its ancient C and C++ code.

Since Firefox versions featuring more and more Rust code started coming out of Mozilla’s HQ, it was only a matter of time since the Tor Project had to address the issue.

In a meeting held last week in Amsterdam, Tor developers got together and decided what would happen to the Tor Browser in the future.


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