Report: ISIS Car Bomb Killed Civilians in Mosul, Not Coalition Airstrike

Iraqi officials believe that an Islamic State (ISIS) car bomb, not a coalition airstrike, caused a March 17 blast in Mosul, according to a new report.A coalition airstrike on that day had targeted a building with ISIS fighters holed up inside, after Iraqi forces coming under strong fire called for coalition air support. Initial reports blamed the strike for collapsing a building that killed civilians in a nearby building.But an Iraqi military spokesman told DoD News, a Pentagon-run news service, that an examination of the site of the blast showed that an airstrike did not collapse the building; rather it fell due to a nearby ISIS bomb-laden vehicle at the time of the strike.“There was no hole in the building,” Saeed al-Jayashi, a spokesman for the Iraqi military, told reporters traveling in Iraq with Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. “The strike was 100-percent accurate and it was correct.”

Source: Report: ISIS Car Bomb Killed Civilians in Mosul, Not Coalition Airstrike

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