Junk Food Causes Angel Wing Syndrome In Geese And Ducks

DON’T FEED GEESE: This goose in the St. Louis area has a wing deformity called Slipped Wing Syndrome or “Angel Wing” caused by the bird being fed a high protein diet while it was growing. The deformity is fairly rare and more commonly found in urban situations or in park settings where people feed the birds fortified bread and other protein-enriched foods on a regular basis and the birds don’t eat a normal diet. Unfortunately, there is no cure for the syndrome and the birds

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When Sam, a goose, was found wandering around a neighborhood in North Carolina, his wings were in terrible shape.One wing had been broken, probably by a predator. His other wing, where a tuft of feathers was sticking out, just looked awkward — but it was actually a sign of something very serious. And it likely made him vulnerable to an attack in the first place.

Source: Junk Food Causes Angel Wing Syndrome In Geese And Ducks

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