Peanut-Free School Zones Don’t Work | American Council on Science and Health

Several years ago, a school bus full of elementary students in Massachusetts was evacuated. A potentially deadly item was found on the floor. Was it a gun? A bomb? A blood-contaminated hypodermic needle?No, it was a peanut.Over-the-top responses to peanuts aren’t uncommon. People are under the impression that the mere whiff of a peanut is enough to send some kids to the emergency room. But, that’s simply not true. The molecules in peanuts that are responsible for aroma are not the same as the ones that trigger allergies. Also, an allergic reaction only occurs if peanuts are eaten or inhaled; touching a peanut briefly will not trigger an allergic reaction, unless the child then rubs his or her eyes or mouth.High-profile stories (such as the one about a woman with an extreme peanut allergy who died after kissing her boyfriend) lead the public to think that this sort of thing occurs regularly. But it does not.

Source: Peanut-Free School Zones Don’t Work | American Council on Science and Health

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