PETA Protests Nintendo’s Cow Milking Minigame on Nintendo Switch

PETA has a penchant for preposterous protests. Ingrid Newkirk, the president of the animal rights group, released an outraged statement deploring Nintendo for taking up the Billings Farm & Museum’s recent challenge to compete against them in the 1-2-Switch video game, which has a cow milking minigame.The new complaint follows the release of a video calling milk the white supremacist drink of choice.Last month, the Woodstock, Vt.-based educational dairy farm invited the Japanese video game company to learn about milking cows and to do battle against two of its employees to see whether the video game makers or the farmers could milk cows the fastest. Not one to turn down a challenge, Nintendo took them up on the offer.

Source: PETA Protests Nintendo’s Cow Milking Minigame on Nintendo Switch | Heat Street

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