Walter Freeman And The Lobotomy: A Revealing Photo History

The procedure was simple.The doctor would first administer a local anesthetic, leaving the patient conscious and alert for what was to come (if the patient didn’t respond to anesthesia, doctors would use electroshock). Next, the doctor would position a sharp steel pick of seven or so inches with its point underneath the eyelid and against the bone atop the eye socket. Then, with a swing of a mallet to the butt of the pick, the doctor would drive the point through the bone, past the bridge of the nose, and into the brain.Once the point was about two inches deep into the frontal lobe, the doctor would rotate it, severing the connective white matter between the prefrontal cortex — the executive center that makes decisions, informs personality, and makes you who you are — and the rest of the brain.The entire procedure took the doctor less than ten minutes, and the patient would never be quite the same again.

Source: Walter Freeman And The Lobotomy: A Revealing Photo History

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