In fight against depression ketamine trials show early promise 

Doctors are calling for the illegal party drug ketamine to be taken seriously in treating depression. The sedative, intended for use on large animals, generated positive results in trials on patients with severe depression in the UK.Scientists from Oxford University trialled ketamine on 101 patients who failed to find success with depression treatments since 2011. 42 of the patients saw positive results from the drug, Dr. Rupert McShane, who led the trial, wrote in The Lancet

Psychiatrist.Patients trialled were administered intravenous infusions of ketamine, followed by oral top-ups. “We’d like to see some more centers developing expertise and starting to use it,” Dr. McShane was quoted as saying in the Independent.One patient described how the drug slowed down the, “constant, overwhelming bombardment of negative intrusive thoughts surging through your brain,” and allowed her to, “fight back.”

Source: Dark horse in fight against depression as ketamine trials show early promise — RT Viral

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