Transgender Texas Boy Gets New Birth Certificate

Born Mary Grace, a nine-year-old North Texas child is now officially named Max. His parents petitioned a court to change all of his legal documents, including his name, birth certificate, and Social Security card to reflect his male name and identity.Max Briggle’s mother Amber told WFAA: “He’s always going to be transgender, but having that piece of paper, my hope is that it’s going to make it a little easier for him.”She called these changes, “another milestone,” and believed the new paperwork was essential for her child while the state legislature debates the proposed “bathroom bill,” SB 6. If passed into law, this legislation would mandate people use bathrooms based on the gender shown on their birth certificates.Amber and husband Adam, who reside outside of Dallas in Denton, became visible advocates for transgender children as the “bathroom bill” debate heated up nationally and in Texas. Max, then MG, became the face of Texas trans kids when his parents invited Attorney General Ken Paxton to dinner at their home. The family wanted to show Paxton they were a “super-average, normal, remarkably unremarkable family,” according to The Dallas Morning News. Paxton and his wife accepted the invitation.

Source: Transgender Texas Boy Gets New Birth Certificate

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