This Solar-Powered Toilet Torches Poop for Public Health

For all the admirable efforts to solve the world’s problems—beating malaria, improving education access, closing the digital divide—one simple need tends to fall by the wayside: We humans have to poop, and some 2.5 billion of us don’t have the proper facilities to do so. Think about what that means for a second: Beyond the commodes themselves, roughly a third of the planet’s population lacks sanitation, leaving communities susceptible to disease and filth. As Jack Sim, the founder of the World Toilet Organization, told me a couple years ago, a major part of the problem is that sanitation isn’t a particularly glamorous cause, which has limited its exposure and support. It’s telling that more people globally have cell phones than have proper toilets.”Why is a cell phone something someone will pay for when they won’t pay for it in their house?” Karl Linden, a University of Colorado, Boulder environmental engineering professor, told me. “We need to think of sanitation as a business opportunity, and turn the toilet into a status symbol.”

Source: This Solar-Powered Toilet Torches Poop for Public Health – Motherboard

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