Wikileaks releases a how to hack Windows guide from CIA dump » TechWorm

As a continuing part of its Vault7 series of leaked documents, the leaks site Wikileaks has released a new cache of 27 documents allegedly belonging to the US Intelligence agency the CIA.Hop on the grassA CLI-based framework named the Grasshopper has been built by the CIA to enable building “customized malware” payloads to break into Microsoft’s Windows operating system – even bypassing the anti virus.The leaked documents appear to be a user manual for spies only to be accessed by the members of the agency.As per the documents, the framework enables agency members to easily create malware depending on the operating system and anti virus installed on the target machine. The Grasshopper framework then puts together several components that are sufficient to hack the target machine and delivers a Windows installer when done. The agency members can then run the installer on the target machine to install their own customized malware payloads.

Source: Wikileaks releases a how to hack Windows guide from CIA dump » TechWorm

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