Facebook to Stop ‘Fake News’ Same Way as ‘Click-Bait’ via Algorithm

Facebook will stop “fake news” using a similar algorithm as the platform’s one against “click-bait,” according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.“In Zuckerberg’s view, according to Fast Company, tackling click bait required a rejiggering of the site’s algorithms, as assisted by users’ input,” reports Fortune. “The solution is similar to the approach the site is now taking to improve the situation around ‘information diversity or misinformation or building common ground’—euphemisms for the more popular conceptions of ‘filter bubbles,’ ‘fake news,’ and ‘echo chambers.’”“Now it’s not gone a hundred percent but it’s a much smaller problem than it used to be,” said Zuckerberg on the issue of click-bait. “It’s not like they are problems that exist because there’s some kind of underlying, nefarious motivation.”

Source: Facebook to Stop ‘Fake News’ Same Way as ‘Click-Bait’ via Algorithm – Breitbart

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