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Police: Condom-clogged pipe leads to massage parlor prostitution bust

Austin police said they uncovered a prostitution ring at a Northwest Austin massage parlor after a waste pipe at the business became clogged and destroyed by hundreds of condoms, according to an arrest affidavit filed on Tuesday.The affidavit said police were tipped off about possible prostitution on Feb. 7 from a realty company that had recently taken over a property in the 11400 block of North FM 620.One of the tenants of the property was listed as Jade Massage Therapy LLC.The affidavit said several other tenants had expressed concerns that prostitution may have been going on at the business, and that an industrial disposal unit connecting the property to the city’s sewer service was found clogged with condoms.

Source: Police: Condom-clogged pipe leads to massage parlor prostitution bust

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Clemson U Diversity Guidelines: It’s ‘Racist’ To Tell Someone They’re Late

Clemson University intends to spend $27,000 for a “diversity education and training” program for members of faculty following a pledge by Clemson President James Clements in 2016 to create a more inclusive campus environment.To encourage faculty participation, the university will issue automated reminders should they decide to skip the training program called “Diversity Benefits for Higher Education,” which is produced in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Participating faculty members who complete the program ahead of others receive polo shirts and mugs paid for by the school.According to e-mails obtained by Campus Reform from the Office of Inclusion and Equality and the Office of Human Resources, the training is being provided by a company called Workplace Answers, which billed the university $26,945.The training program presents scenarios featuring fictional characters, with problems that participants must figure out.

Source: Clemson U Diversity Guidelines: It’s ‘Racist’ To Tell Someone They’re Late

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Gene Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Deadly Brain Disorders

A novel ‘gene-silencing’ drug could be the key to treating two devastating neurological disorders, spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 (SCA2) and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).SCA2 is an inherited disorder that inflicts damage on the brain’s cerebellum, causing patients to have issues with balance, coordination, walking and similar movements. ALS induces degeneration of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord making patients gradually lose their ability to perform basic functions like move, speak, eat, or breathe.There are different factors that can initiate the onset of these diseases, but two new studies indicate the first signs of a possible treatment approach for both SCA2 and ALS.Researchers from the University of Utah and Stanford University performed two separate preclinical trials with a therapy that targets the ataxin-2 gene, both yielding novel results in mouse models.

Source: Gene Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Deadly Brain Disorders

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Cannibalism: When People Ate People, A Strange Disease Emerged 

Most of the world didn’t know anyone lived in the highlands of Papua New Guinea until the 1930s, when Australian gold prospectors surveying the area realized there were about a million people there.When researchers made their way to those villages in the 1950s, they found something disturbing. Among a tribe of about 11,000 people called the Fore, up to 200 people a year had been dying of an inexplicable illness. They called the disease kuru, which means “shivering” or “trembling.”Once symptoms set in, it was a swift demise. First, they’d have trouble walking, a sign that they were about to lose control over their limbs. They’d also lose control over their emotions, which is why people called it the “laughing death.” Within a year, they couldn’t get up off the floor, feed themselves or control their bodily functions.

Source: Cannibalism: When People Ate People, A Strange Disease Emerged : The Salt : NPR

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Guitar for Modern Nomads: This Digital Instrument is Designed to Travel

What if you were to eliminate the unwieldy parts of a guitar but maintain its resonant sound and the same exact way of playing, in order to make the instrument are more convenient traveling companion? It might sound ridiculous or downright impossible, but that’s exactly what designer Orit Dolev has done with NOMAD, a compact digital instrument with pressure-sensitive frets and flexible rubber strings to replicate the traditional guitar playing experience.

Source: Guitar for Modern Nomads: This Digital Instrument is Designed to Travel | Urbanist

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The FBI Says It Can Finally Find Hackers Who Don’t Smoke Weed

The agency says it’s managing to meet its hiring goals despite a ban on hiring anyone who’s used marijuana within the last three years.The most recent election cycle was a big win for marijuana advocates, with eight states legalizing medicinal and/or recreational marijuana. Indeed, in the lead up to the election, polls showed that a solid 60 percent of Americans favored total legalization of cannabis. Yet the DEA doubled down on its commitment to keeping cannabis a Schedule I drug last fall, allowing federal agencies including the FBI to continue to discriminate against job candidates who’ve puffed the magic dragon.The FBI told Motherboard that despite this policy, it has been able to hire the number of cyber experts it needs. That comes three years after The Wall Street Journal first reported the agency was considering loosening the restrictions and FBI Director James Comey implied he was was having a hard time finding talented cyber specialists who hadn’t smoked weed recently. But after taking heat from anti-marijuana crusader Jeff Sessions, Comey later backtracked and said he was just making a funny.

Source: The FBI Says It Can Finally Find Hackers Who Don’t Smoke Weed – Motherboard

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PBS Islamic Lesson Plan Encourages Students to Identify with Radical Jihadists 

A PBS high school lesson plan encourages students to empathize with young Palestinian terrorists who want to become suicide bombers to achieve martyrdom and suggests they would rather die because Palestinians have less land and are restricted.The “Dying to Be a Martyr” multimedia lesson plan is available free of cost to teachers and students at PBS Learning Media, reports Justin Haskins at the Heartland Institute. It utilizes videos titled “Martyrdom,” “Suicide Bombing,” and “Israel and Palestine,” as well as internet sites and primary sources “to examine the roots of the Middle East conflict.”Students are asked to be able to understand “why individuals and groups sometimes turn to tactics of terrorism.”At first, students are asked to learn about the connections that all three major faiths – Judaism, Christianity, and Islam – have to Israel. However, later on in the lesson, students view the video “Israel and Palestine,” and are asked to focus on 25 year-old Majdi Amer, who built a bomb in 2003 for a suicide bomber in Haifa who ultimately killed 17 people, and wounded 50 more, on a bus.

Source: PBS Islamic Lesson Plan Encourages Students to Identify with Radical Jihadists – Breitbart

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DHS Needs Someone to Explain Biometrics to the Public

The Homeland Security Department wants to preempt any biometric-related PR disasters by hiring communications professionals to handle the topic.DHS is gathering information about professional communications services for its Office of Biometric Identity Management, which houses the largest biometrics repository in the federal government, according to a recent request for information. OBIM replaced United States Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology program, known as US-VISIT.OBIM’s database allows DHS to compare travelers’ fingerprints, iris scans and other physical markers to those of suspected terrorists and criminals. As a result, OBIM needs a communications strategy that “address[es] the potential risks and concerns the public may have regarding the collection and use of biometrics within the government,” the RFI said.

Source: DHS Needs Someone to Explain Biometrics to the Public – Nextgov.com

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Incredible video shows army of orange self-charging robots which sort 200,000 packages a DAY in a Chinese warehouse

THIS army of tiny orange robots which can sort up to 200,000 packages every DAY in a Chinese warehouse are providing an alarming glimpse of what the future could hold in factories around the world.These miniature machines, each just 7.5 inches, follow a set route and transport parcels from the assembly line to the departure gates where they are then dispatched.STO EXPRESS3These tiny machines can work non-stop for eight hours after being fully charged and have practically eliminated mistakes at the warehouse

Source: Incredible video shows army of orange self-charging robots which sort 200,000 packages a DAY in a Chinese warehouse

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Algerian Actress Accused of Looking ‘Too White’ for Role in Tom Cruise ‘Mummy’ Movie

No new movie comes without a toxic dose of controversy to go alongside its hype. The new Tom Cruise-driven reboot of The Mummy is under fire with accusations of whitewashing over the casting of the actress who plays evil Ahmanet.

Sofia Boutella

In the movie, Ahmanet is awoken from a 2,000-year long slumber to wreak havoc upon the world. Sealed alive and now resurrected by the reopening of her tomb, the Egyptian princess brings with her a millennia-long grudge against humanity.

But instead of enjoying the ride, outraged social justice warriors took to social media to complain about the actress who plays the role in their erroneous belief that she is white.

continue https://heatst.com/entertainment/algerian-actress-accused-of-looking-too-white-for-role-in-tom-cruise-mummy-movie/

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Ice-addicted snake ready to re-enter society after drying out in NSW prison

The cold-blooded methamphetamine addict has been incarcerated in the care of inmates and guards at a prison facility for animals that find themselves on the wrong side of the law in Sydney’s west.The python was seized in a raid on a drug lab where it had developed its habit after absorbing fumes and particles in the air as the drug ice was being manufactured, the Daily Telegraph reports.”He was totally on edge, jittery, slithering and wanting to strike,” said Ian Mitchell, a senior manager at the Corrective Services NSW Wildlife Care Centre in Windsor.

Source: Ice-addicted snake ready to re-enter society after drying out in NSW prison – Yahoo7

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A 1986 BBS has brought the old web back to life in 2017

Today, many can be forgiven for thinking that the digital communications revolution kicked off during the mid-1990s, when there was simply an explosion of media and consumer interest in the World Wide Web. Just a decade earlier, however, the future was now for the hundreds of thousands of users already using home computers to communicate with others over the telephone network. The online culture of the 1980s was defined by the pervasiveness of bulletin board systems (BBS), expensive telephone bills, and the dulcet tones of a 1200 baud connection (or 2400, if you were very lucky). While many Ars readers certainly recall bulletin board systems with pixelated reverence, just as many are likely left scratching their heads in confusion (“what exactly is a BBS, anyway?”).It’s a good thing, then, that a dedicated number of vintage computing hobbyists are resurrecting these digital communities that were once thought lost to time. With some bulletin board systems being rebooted from long-forgotten floppy disks and with some still running on original 8-bit hardware, the current efforts of these seasoned sysops (that is, system administrators) provide a very literal glimpse into the state of online affairs from more than three decades ago. And while services such as the Internet Archive are an excellent resource for studying the growth of the World Wide Web as it’s frozen in time, these hobbyists are opening portals today for modern users to go places that have been long forgotten.

Source: A 1986 BBS has brought the old web back to life in 2017

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How Many People Actually Feel ‘White Guilt’? 

One of the most persistent tropes on the racial right is that the major cultural institutions in the United States aggressively push a story of white guilt. The media and the education system—from pre-K to postgraduate—are the most frequent targets of this accusation, though increasingly churches are also charged with being strongholds of the “Social Justice Warriors.”According to this narrative, white Americans face a constant barrage of derision, persistently hearing about the evils of their white-supremacist ancestors and the unfairness of their current unearned privilege. They are told that their racial sins can never be truly washed away, but they can achieve partial atonement by signing onto various progressive causes, especially generous immigration policies and policies designed to uplift African-Americans.This argument is not exclusively embraced by the far-right. Mainstream conservatives are similarly eager to share stories of “political correctness run amok.” A visit to the Drudge Report on any given day will likely include a story about left-wing indoctrination and intolerance of dissent at an overpriced university. Similar stories are posted daily at websites like Campus Reform.

Source: How Many People Actually Feel ‘White Guilt’? | The American Conservative

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Warner Bros. May Have to pay 900 million If They Can’t Prove Ghosts are Real

Gerard Brittle Book author of the Demonologist claims that the Warrens, husband and wife duo in the film signed away all the rights to their life story and case files back in 1978 which includes other books and movies. Their contract also forbade them from using any of their case files that were published in the book in any form of media. Apparently all the marketing campaigns for the Conjuring franchise claim that they are indeed based off of the real case files of the Warrens. Brittle thinks that he has monetary rights to that content and should be compensated for his damages in a lawsuit that he has filed against Warner Bros. Warner Bros. may have dug it’s self into a hole when they made they made a statement claiming that Brittle’s contract with the Warrens had no bearing over The Conjuring movies because those films were based on “historical facts,” rather than the content of Brittle’s book, The Demonologist. Brittle says that can’t be possible because he and other skeptics posit that the Warrens’ case files about paranormal and supernatural activity are fabricated. Since its next to impossible to prove that and these events indeed did happen the studio may have to pay up. This lawsuit could affect the other Conjuring sequels that are slated for release. The Conjuring franchise has made 890 million worldwide and has a another film slated to release later this year.

Source: Warner Bros. May Have to pay 900 million If They Can’t Prove Ghosts are Real « AMP 1037

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Homeless people handed free beer as part of Bud Light campaign 

Meet the homeless people being handed free beer in Liverpool city centre today.Stunned shoppers watched a Bud Light 4X4 park up near the Subway in Whitechapel this afternoon where staff gifted cans of lager to passers-by as part of a promotional campaign.The vehicle was quickly told to move on by council staff because it did not have permission to be there.But we found several rough sleepers in the nearby area who had been given free beers as part of the promotion – with one man lying sleeping next to a can.

Source: Homeless people handed free beer as part of Bud Light campaign – Liverpool Echo

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Adidas Apologizes for ‘You Survived’ Boston Marathon Email 

Completing the Boston Marathon — the pinnacle of marathon running for many — is quite a feat.But some finishers of Monday’s race have taken issue with a congratulatory email sent by Adidas, the sponsor for the 121st annual race.”Congrats, you survived the Boston Marathon!” an email sent by Adidas to 2017 Boston Marathon finishers on Tuesday read.The message was met with backlash given the history of the Patriot’s Day race. Some finishers questioned how Adidas did not realize the connotations of the message after three people were killed and more than 260 were injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing.

Source: Adidas Apologizes for ‘You Survived’ Boston Marathon Email | Time.com

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Russia to Investigate U.S. Media Over ‘Election Meddling’

U.S. media outlets in Russia will face investigations into whether they illegally influenced the country’s parliamentary elections in 2016.Outlets such as Voice of America, Radio Free Europe (RL/RFE) and CNN will all fall under the spotlight, said Leonid Levin, the head of the State Duma Committee on Information and Communication.He said that journalists’ work could have affected Russian elections.”The structures we are discussing are part of a larger American system of pressure on our country,” Levin said at a committee meeting on Tuesday. “They are using a variety of instruments in respect to both the Russian electoral process and on our country as a whole.”

Source: Russia to Investigate U.S. Media Over ‘Election Meddling’

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New Type of LiDAR System Improves Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars may soon be getting an upgrade with a new surveying system enhancement.Luminar Technologies announced that they are beginning production on a new kind of light detection and ranging (LiDAR) system, which will make autonomous vehicles safer and the production more scalable.  LiDAR is a surveying method that measures distance to a target by illuminating that target with a pulsed laser light, and measuring the reflected pulses with a sensor.The new Luminar Technologies system has the ability to see at 50 times greater resolution and 10 times longer range than current systems.For example, at 200 meters, Luminar can detect hard-to-see, low-reflectivity objects like a black car or tire on the road and offer a full seven seconds of reaction time at 75 miles per hour.Today’s best performing LiDAR systems see such objects at less than 35 meters, which at highway speeds offer less than one second of reaction time.  The company, founded by Austin Russell and Jason Eichenholz, have been raising funds, while engineering and manufacturing all the major components of the new system over the last five years, including funding and creating the chips, lasers, receivers, scanners and processing electronics.

Source: New Type of LiDAR System Improves Self-Driving Cars

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Remember When Mike Pompeo Loved Wikileaks? 

Last July,  Rep. Mike Pompeo spotted an article on the conservative website RedState about Wikileaks publishing more than 19,000 emails stolen from the Democratic National Committee. The Republican from Kansas rather gleefully retweeted the story, adding, “Need further proof that the fix [for Hillary Clinton’s nomination] was in from Pres. Obama on down?” Yet nine months later, Pompeo, now director of the CIA, took the stage at a prominent Washington, D.C. think tank to denounce the radical “transparency” organization and its founder Julian Assange. “We at CIA find the celebration of entities like WikiLeaks to be both perplexing and deeply troubling,” he said. The days of using “misappropriated secrets…ends now.”

Source: Remember When Mike Pompeo Loved Wikileaks? – Defense One

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Condoms now listed as ‘Smoking Alternatives’ at all Tesco stores – Trove 42

18 year old Beth Cutts was shopping at a Tesco Superstore when she noticed a rather odd product placement. A range of Durex condems, on a 2 for £14 offer, had been placed under the ‘Smoking Alternatives’ section, just above a line of Nicorette packets.Of course she snapped a picture of it, and naturally assuming it to be a screw up on Tesco’s part, pinged Tesco via the following tweet :

Source: Condoms now listed as ‘Smoking Alternatives’ at all Tesco stores – Trove 42

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