Clemson U Diversity Guidelines: It’s ‘Racist’ To Tell Someone They’re Late

Clemson University intends to spend $27,000 for a “diversity education and training” program for members of faculty following a pledge by Clemson President James Clements in 2016 to create a more inclusive campus environment.To encourage faculty participation, the university will issue automated reminders should they decide to skip the training program called “Diversity Benefits for Higher Education,” which is produced in the form of a PowerPoint presentation. Participating faculty members who complete the program ahead of others receive polo shirts and mugs paid for by the school.According to e-mails obtained by Campus Reform from the Office of Inclusion and Equality and the Office of Human Resources, the training is being provided by a company called Workplace Answers, which billed the university $26,945.The training program presents scenarios featuring fictional characters, with problems that participants must figure out.

Source: Clemson U Diversity Guidelines: It’s ‘Racist’ To Tell Someone They’re Late

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