DHS Needs Someone to Explain Biometrics to the Public

The Homeland Security Department wants to preempt any biometric-related PR disasters by hiring communications professionals to handle the topic.DHS is gathering information about professional communications services for its Office of Biometric Identity Management, which houses the largest biometrics repository in the federal government, according to a recent request for information. OBIM replaced United States Visitor and Immigration Status Indicator Technology program, known as US-VISIT.OBIM’s database allows DHS to compare travelers’ fingerprints, iris scans and other physical markers to those of suspected terrorists and criminals. As a result, OBIM needs a communications strategy that “address[es] the potential risks and concerns the public may have regarding the collection and use of biometrics within the government,” the RFI said.

Source: DHS Needs Someone to Explain Biometrics to the Public – Nextgov.com

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