Warner Bros. May Have to pay 900 million If They Can’t Prove Ghosts are Real

Gerard Brittle Book author of the Demonologist claims that the Warrens, husband and wife duo in the film signed away all the rights to their life story and case files back in 1978 which includes other books and movies. Their contract also forbade them from using any of their case files that were published in the book in any form of media. Apparently all the marketing campaigns for the Conjuring franchise claim that they are indeed based off of the real case files of the Warrens. Brittle thinks that he has monetary rights to that content and should be compensated for his damages in a lawsuit that he has filed against Warner Bros. Warner Bros. may have dug it’s self into a hole when they made they made a statement claiming that Brittle’s contract with the Warrens had no bearing over The Conjuring movies because those films were based on “historical facts,” rather than the content of Brittle’s book, The Demonologist. Brittle says that can’t be possible because he and other skeptics posit that the Warrens’ case files about paranormal and supernatural activity are fabricated. Since its next to impossible to prove that and these events indeed did happen the studio may have to pay up. This lawsuit could affect the other Conjuring sequels that are slated for release. The Conjuring franchise has made 890 million worldwide and has a another film slated to release later this year.

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