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IKEA Donates Doll Beds To Shelter So Cats Won’t Have To Sleep On The Floor While Waiting To Be Adopted

The shelter cats at the Etobicoke Humane Society were given an awesome and adorable gift from the swedish company IKEA. The story began when Rebecca Gordon who is the social manager of the Society based in Ontario, Canada was browsing the store website when she suddenly noticed a cute picture of a cat sleeping on a toy doll bed.

Source: IKEA Donates Doll Beds To Shelter So Cats Won’t Have To Sleep On The Floor While Waiting To Be Adopted

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What Makes Up New Plastic Bottles? Not Old Ones, It Seems

(NEWSER) – That Coke bottle you were proud to throw in the recycling bin so it could be repurposed into another Coke bottle may actually be … part of a carpet sample in Mumbai. It turns out that a very small percentage of the world’s plastic beverage bottles are made out of recycled plastic, with an IBISWorld analyst breaking it down into stark numbers for BuzzFeed: Less than a third of the world’s plastic bottles (around 6 billion pounds per year) are recycled, and of that sample, only about 20% is transformed into new plastic bottles. Instead, most of the bottles are sent off to plastics factories in emerging markets, where they’re used in textiles such as clothing, bags, and carpeting, and the reason appears to come down to cost. Because new plastic is often crafted out of petroleum, the current low price of oil makes it cheaper to just start from scratch than use recycled materials.

Source: Plastic From Recyclable Bottles Used More for Clothing Than to Make New Plastic Bottles

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Frog Slime Fights Flu Virus

A component of the skin mucus secreted by South Indian frogs can kill the H1 variety of influenza viruses, researchers from Emory Vaccine Center and the Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology in India have discovered.Frogs’ skins were known to secrete “host defense peptides” that defend them against bacteria. The finding, scheduled for publication in Immunity, suggests that the peptides represent a resource for antiviral drug discovery as well.Anti-flu peptides could become handy when vaccines are unavailable, in the case of a new pandemic strain, or when circulating strains become resistant to current drugs, says senior author Joshy Jacob, PhD, associate professor of microbiology and immunology at Emory Vaccine Center and Emory University School of Medicine.The first author of the paper is graduate student David Holthausen, and the research grew out of collaboration with M.R. Pillai, PhD and Sanil George, PhD from the Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology.

Source: Frog Slime Fights Flu Virus

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New ‘Perceptual Ad Blocker’ may be impossible for websites to defeat

The internet is full of useful information, time-wasting social networks, and cat videos. Alongside all of that are the ads, many of which look a lot less like ads these days. As ad blockers have become increasingly popular, websites have made the ads more integral to the content. Computer scientist Arvind Narayanan, along with his colleagues from Princeton and Stanford have developed a new proof-of-concept ad blocker that spots ads more like a human. They call it the “Perceptual Ad Blocker.”It was Facebook’s changes to ads, making them look like other posts, that spurred Narayanan and his team to action. While the ads are now part of the stream to evade ad blockers, Facebook is required to include certain elements for its human users, like privacy controls and text that makes it clear you’re looking at an ad. That’s too subtle for your average ad blocker, which looks at the code in search of ads.When you look at a webpage, you can probably pick out things that are ads even if they’re styled to look like the rest of the content on the page. You might notice the tiny “sponsored” text some sites use, or the logo of a sponsored link aggregator. For example, many of Facebook’s ads are designed to look and behave just like a regular post from your friends. That makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a traditional ad blocker to spot. Perceptual Ad Blocker looks for the same things you would, and uses them to identify ads.

Source: New ‘Perceptual Ad Blocker’ may be impossible for websites to defeat – ExtremeTech

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