Cryogenically Frozen Brains to Be Transplanted into Donors Within 3 Yrs. 

Italian surgeon Professor Sergio Canavero has claimed that brains that have been cryogenically frozen could be “woken up” and transplanted into donor bodies within the next three years.The Telegraph reports that Professor Sergio Canavero, the director of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group, plans to carry out the first human head transplant within the next ten months and will then focus his attention on brain transplants. Canavero believes that if his research is successful, frozen brains could be thawed and placed within a donor body, bringing them back to consciousness.Hundreds of people have been cryogenically frozen in the hopes of being woken at a later date, many of them suffering from illnesses which they hope will be cured by the time they are thawed. Many experts don’t believe that organs such as the brain can be thawed without damage, but Canavero believes the first frozen head could soon be brought back to life.In an interview with the German magazine Ooom, Canavero said that he plans to bring back some of the patients frozen by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation which is based in Arizona.

Source: Surgeon: Cryogenically Frozen Brains to Be Transplanted into Donor Bodies Within Three Years – Breitbart

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