How to Use BitTorrent with a VPN 

The official BitTorrent client is the go-to for most people because it’s official, so we assume it must be good. That’s not always the case, but thankfully in this case that facile statement applies. Here’s how to enforce your VPN on it.Switch on your VPN, then go to Google and type “whats my IP” to instantly bring up your public IP address. Highlight this number and copy it to the clipboard.Open BitTorrent, click “Options -> Preferences” then Advanced in the pane on the left side.In the Filter box type net.bind, then in the Value box type the IP address you copied over from Google and click Set.Next, type net.outgoing_ip in the Filter box, select it, paste your IP into its “Value” box, and click Set. Click OK to confirm the changes, restart BiTorrent, and you’re good to go!

Source: How to Use BitTorrent with a VPN – Make Tech Easier

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