How To Install Linux On A Chromebook With Crouton

Chromebooks are computers made by Google, that run the Chrome operating system. Despite the caricature around Chromebooks, they’re actually quite popular. The reason? Google subsidizes the hardware so that consumers don’t have to pay as much. As a result, Chromebooks fly off the shelves, and are responsible for a massive amount of laptop sales.  Google’s computer operating system is a pretty good Linux-powered experience. It comes with a file manager, integrated cloud storage, and even a terminal (if you’re savvy enough to find it). Still, for as useful as Chrome OS can be, some advanced users find that it still isn’t enough to satisfy them. It is because of this that some developers have developed tools that allow you to install Linux on a Chromebook.This tool is known as Crouton.  This makes it so you can install a Chroot environment which in turn can be used to install Linux on a Chromebook. This tool makes it so that an operating system like Ubuntu, or even Arch Linux can run on a Chromebook.Installing Crouton can be a tedious and confusing process at times, but it is worth it for one major reason. Having access to Linux on a Chromebook is great. It means users can get the best of both worlds: Chrome OS’s ease of use, and Linux’s wide variety of offline programs.

Source: How To Install Linux On A Chromebook With Crouton

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