Man? Woman? Who Cares! This Is CANADA! 

Remember “Pat” the hermaphroditic Saturday Night Live character from the early 1990s?She went through various skits while the people around her tried to determine Pat’s gender.It was also turned into a turd of a movie, which we won’t talk about here.Well, it turns out that “Pat” has another career and is now setting Canadian immigration policy.‘X’ For ‘Unspecified’: Legislation is being considered that would provide three options on the “gender” question for citizens to choose on their passports: There’d be an “M” for “male, “F” for “female” and a brand-spanking new “X” for “unspecified.”This is in keeping with a federal human rights bill being considered in Ottawa, that would establish “gender protections” making Canada the eighth country on the planet with a “non-binary” option on their passports.There were some detractors, but in progressive Canada, nobody really listened to them.“What is going to be written in a passport? What kind of checks should be made before the passport is delivered?” Conservative Sen. Jean-Guy Dagenais asked the justice minister, The Toronto Star reported.

Source: Man? Woman? Who Cares! This Is CANADA! | The Federalist Papers

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