People Are Making Homemade Blankets To Help Shelter Pets Feel Safe 

Shelter life can often be very stressful for the homeless animals who end up there.Some have been given up by the only families they have ever known, while others have been picked up as strays from harsh lives on the street. This can lead to fear, confusion, withdrawn behavior or sometimes even hostility toward people or other animals. RELATED VIDEO:Lucky Dogs Pulled From Shelters Just Got Forever HomesWATCH NOW Lindsay FredaSo, Jennifer Halpern, founder of Pillows For Paws, set out on a mission to help shelter animals feel more comfortable by making blankets, beds and toys just for them. A shelter dog enjoying his handmade blanket |Petra Romano“Since the shelter is a very stressful environment that has all types of noise, people, animals and scents, a blanket can make all the difference in making an animal feel better,” Cindy Lu, a feline behavior supervisor at Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC), told The Dodo. “Instead of just lying down on a cold surface, a cat [or dog] can sprawl out or roll over on these comfy blankets, rubbing their scent on them.”

Source: People Are Making Homemade Blankets To Help Shelter Pets Feel Safe – The Dodo

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