People Are Enraged about Unfairness, Not Inequality – 

To say that inequality is a bad thing is something of a platitude. So universal is the condemnation of the chasm in income between rich and poor that it would be reasonable to assume that mankind has an instinctive preference for equality over inequality.

Even those who support the free market tend to portray inequality as one of capitalism’s necessary evils – arguing that while they’d love to do something about it, the obvious solutions do more harm than good.Sure enough, psychologists have found that we do indeed appear to have a hard-wired aversion to inequality. “Robin Hood had it right,” claimed the Dutch primatologist Frans de Waal, summarizing a broad consensus across a range of academic fields. “Humanity’s deepest wish is to spread the wealth.”

Source: People Are Enraged about Unfairness, Not Inequality – Foundation for Economic Education – Working for a free and prosperous world

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