Would you like a side of facial recognition with your pizza? 

A facial recognition system that’s been quietly used by an Oslo pizza shop has spilled its logs, revealing that a) the shop’s advertising app is keeping tabs on who looks at ads for how long and whether or not they’re smiling, and b) that there are very few women who eat pizza in Oslo.Redditor forsaken75 has claimed to be the one who took the original photo of the crashed app. In a thread whose Norwegian title translates to “This crispy screen on Peppes’Pizza shows a log of all their guests, with descriptions,” forsaken75 said that the photo in the Tweet above was taken in front of Peppes Pizza in South Oslo.That screen normally shows advertisements. When the advertising app crashed, it revealed what was running beneath, forsaken75 explained two weeks ago. When he approached the screen to take a photo, it began describing him, including details such as that he’s a young male, wearing glasses, where he was looking, whether he was smiling, and how much he was smiling.

Source: Would you like a side of facial recognition with your pizza? – Naked Security

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