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Cloudflare helps serve up hate online, says 

If you’ve wondered how hate proliferates online, especially since the divisive 2016 election, ProPublica has some answers.Cloudflare, a San Francisco-based internet company, enables extremist web sites to stay in business by providing them with data delivery services, according to ProPublica.The company also turns over contact information of anyone who complains about a hate site to the site’s operators. That policy has exposed people complaining about online hate to personal harassment, ProPublica reported.ProPublica cited a 2013 blog post by CEO Matthew Price that said the company didn’t have an obligation to monitor the websites that use its services. Cloudflare lawyer Doug Kramer told Propublica the company turned over the names of complainants because it is “base constitutional law that people can face their accusers.”Kramer said in a statement Friday that Cloudflare is reviewing the instances of retaliation outlined by ProPublica.”Cloudflare processes thousands of abuse reports in a given week. Because we do not host content, and turning off Cloudflare’s services would not remove the content from the Internet, we work to connect people to the website hosts who do control the content. We were aware several years ago, that some website owners were using information from our reports to retaliate against complaining parties. This was an infrequent occurrence, but one that was very concerning to us. So, in early 2015 we implemented a change in our practices to pass along information only to the hosting provider, and not the website owner, when complaints raised issues that could be sensitive. We continue to review the instances outlined in the article to determine how to best handle them and see if there are any other steps we need to take to change the process. Since that time, we have not seen similar abuses of the system, though we continue to watch this area closely and consider additional changes to make sure the abuse process supports helpful outcomes but limits opportunities for retaliation.”

Source: Cloudflare helps serve up hate online, says ProPublica – CNET

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Flow of Refugees Slows to a Trickle

News reports indicate that illegal immigration has dropped sharply since President Trump’s inauguration, even though no progress has been made in building the wall. Similarly, it appears that the flow of refugees has declined, even though the president’s travel orders, including his reduced ceiling on refugee admissions, has been tied up in the courts by partisan judges. The Star Tribune reports: “Minnesota’s refugee stream slows to a trickle.”The pace of refugees arriving in Minnesota slowed markedly in recent months, even though President Trump’s executive order pausing resettlement remains mired in the courts.Arrivals hit a low of 66 statewide in March, roughly one-fifth the level of a year ago, before rebounding slightly in April. Somalis, who last fall were a majority of refugees in the state, made up less than a quarter of last month’s arrivals, based on new data from the State Department.This chart shows the numbers:

Source: Flow of Refugees Slows to a Trickle | Power Line

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Russian Man Convicted of Hate Crime for Playing Pokémon Go in Church

A Russian YouTuber has been convicted of a religious hate crime for playing Pokémon Go in church.Ruslan Sokolovsky, 22, was convicted by a court in Ekaterinburg after posting a video of himself playing the game.He recorded himself wandering around the inside of the Church of All Saints while playing the game on his iPhone.Sokolovsky (pictured above) posted the video online in August 2016, at the height of the Pokémon Go craze:He was arrested a few days later.The video was posted as a deliberate rebuke to Russian officials who had warned there could be legal consequences to playing the game in sacred places.It shows him catch a Poliwag, then a Zubat, while worshipers and clergy mill around the background. It has now been viewed on YouTube almost two million times.In the footage, Sokolovsky rubbished the possibility that he could be punished for what he was doing.

Source: Russian Man Convicted of Hate Crime for Playing Pokémon Go in Church | Heat Street

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MP3 Audio Format Is Officially Dead

P3, the de-facto music file format that helped Apple and Spotify become music giants is approaching its inevitable death. It’s not that people are ditching the use of MP3 and its popularity is decreasing, but its license is being terminated.Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits, the German foundation which owns the patent for MP3 audio format and licenses it, has announced that it’ll be no longer be supporting the format. Wondering why? Because they believe that better ways to store music have appeared on the scene and MP3’s retirement should help those formats.Here’s what Fraunhofer Institute’s official statement has to say:On April 23, 2017, Technicolor’s mp3 licensing program for certain mp3 related patents and software of Technicolor and Fraunhofer IIS has been terminated.Fraunhofer Institute says that most of the well-known streaming, TV, or radio service providers are now using ISO-MPEG codecs like AAC family or MPEG-H.

Source: MP3 Audio Format Is Officially Dead

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