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Turns Out Women Like Masculine Traits Denounced On Campus As ‘Toxic’

It’s trendy on college campuses to denounce traditional masculinity as “toxic”– but it turns out, women kinda like a manly man, a new Florida State University study suggests.The researchers tracked 70 newlywed couples over two weeks, querying women to rate their levels of satisfaction with their husband.Meanwhile, the men were asked to rate their “behavioral masculinity,” a category that included feelings of dominance, power and assertiveness—all traits that campus feminists have decried as “toxic” and dangerous.A University of Maryland staffer recently claimed in a blog post that “societal ideas about masculinity (like sexual prowess, dominance, financial stability, risk-taking and the “Man Card”) create an environment that encourages—or is at least passively complicit in—sexual violence against women, and isolates and invalidates male survivors of sexual assault.”San Francisco State University also linked these traits to rape in a recent post on men’s health: “Whether it’s being told to ‘man up’ or being told that men should be the ‘breadwinner,’ our society tells us men should exert power. While the vast majority of men will never commit sexual violence, studies show that those who do commit sexual violence strongly believe in these attitudes.”

Source: Turns Out Women Like Masculine Traits Denounced On Campus As ‘Toxic’

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This Simple Trick Recovered 19 GB Free Disk Space On My Windows Installation 

Windows 7 installation on my dual boot Apple iMac started complaining about low disk-space and I was in a fix whether to clean-format the Windows partition or go for selective uninstallation of applications and data I no longer need. I fired-up my favourite disk space analyzer tool – Folder Size and voila, I now know what I need to do to quickly recover GB’s of free disk-space without removing anything.Folder-Size scan showed that c:\windows\Installer folder occupied 9.48GB disk-space, this is a system folder and you cannot delete it so I decided to use the Windows Disk Cleanup tool to let it take care of it.With years of usage Microsoft Windows tend to accumulate Update files, installer cache and memory-dumps which can occupy GB’s of disk-space on your computer. Luckily, Microsoft provides a free utility with Windows allowing users to quickly and easily claim-back this disk-space.

Source: This Simple Trick Recovered 19 GB Free Disk Space On My Windows Installation 🙂 | Megaleecher.Net

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Awesome Grandma Pretends to Wingsuit Fly Using Green Screen, Paper Clips and Bed Sheet «TwistedSifter

It’s all about the takeoff and landing

Source: Awesome Grandma Pretends to Wingsuit Fly Using Green Screen, Paper Clips and Bed Sheet «TwistedSifter

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A new example of Android malware is discovered every 10 seconds, say security researchers 

Security company G Data says that a new piece of Android malware is discovered every 10 seconds. At this rate, the company is predicting that there will be 3,500,000 new malicious Android files by the end of the year.The threat level for users with smartphones and tablets with an Android operating system remains high. In all, the G DATA security experts expect around 3.5 million ne

w Android malware apps for 2017.The company said that the risk was heightened by the fact that only a small minority of users are on the latest version of Android …Only 4.9 percent of smartphone and tablet users have Android 7, which has been available since August 2016. 20 percent still use version 4.4, 32 percent version 5 and 31.2 percent Android 6.0. The problem is that third party providers do not adapt the new operating system for older devices (“older” in this case meaning one year or more).

Source: A new example of Android malware is discovered every 10 seconds, say security researchers | 9to5Goo


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De-spamming service “Unroll” selling your inbox to Uber shows need for Information Hygiene, again

It was a perfect service: sorting your mail and not just removing all spam for you, but also unsubscribing you from all of that spam garbage going forward. It kept your inbox perfectly clean. But behind the curtains, it also sold your inbox to the highest bidder.Sometimes, you’re maliciously signed up to tens of thousands of mailing lists because somebody was annoyed with something you said, somewhere. The cost of doing so is low and it causes a ton of headache as you’re getting hundreds of spam per minute. Fortunately, most of those are double-opt-in confirmation mails — “click this link to confirm the subscription” — but maybe five percent are not, and those malicious signups will continue to clobber your inbox with noise.Enter Unroll, which was the solution for this scenario: you gave it access to your mailbox, and it would not only detect and remove such unwanted spam, but also unsubscribe you from those tens of thousands of malicious subscriptions. Except, as it turns out, they also kept every single one of your mails, including those with passwords and other sensitive information, and sold them to the highest bidder.

Source: De-spamming service “Unroll” selling your inbox to Uber shows need for Information Hygiene, again

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The Shattering Truth of 3D-Printed Clothing 

When the fashion trio threeASFOUR debuted its first collection of 3D-printed clothing, a parade of auburn-haired models marched down a runway at the Jewish Museum in New York City. Their gowns looked both ethereal and geometric—the garb of angelic robots. One dress, for example, was composed of white, angular bubbles that made their wearer look like she had emerged from a very foamy bath.But the woman who shepherded it down the runway couldn’t sit down, or the dress would shatter. “The model that was wearing it hated us,” says Bradley Rothenberg, an architect who collaborated on the project with threeASFOUR.

Source: The Shattering Truth of 3D-Printed Clothing – Backchannel

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Kaepernick Behind the Blackball 

The Super Bowl is now a distant memory, and with training camp on the horizon, quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the aspiring Che Guevara of the NFL, is still unemployed and the leftwing media is crying foul.To refresh your memory, Colin Kaepernick was a once promising player who led his team to the Super Bowl with his electric play. Since then he has been awful, on and off the field. These days he is better known for leading a movement to kneel during the National Anthem before NFL games, wearing clothes that strongly imply that police officers are pigs, and offering effusive praise for the late communist dictator and cold blooded killer Fidel Castro.At the end of last season with free agency looming, Kaepernick could sense the jig was up if he wanted to stay employed. Subsequently, he announced he would no longer be kneeling during the anthem prior to games and was seen (no coincidence in some people’s minds) handing out coats to parolees in New York City. Look NFL coaches and owners, I’m not the total jerk you think I am!But still no team has yet to bite, and this is getting the media’s hackles up. Do an internet search of Colin Kaepernick blackballed, and you’ll have plenty of stories to choose from. Note the term blackballed, as if there was something immoral on the NFL’s part about Kaepernick not having a job offer yet. The left loves to use the term blackballed when it applies to one of their own, but you would be hard pressed to find stories from those same writers using the term about conservatives on the outs, such as Ann Coulter being blackballed from speaking in Berkeley or Bill O’Reilly being blackballed from network TV.

Source: Kaepernick Behind the Blackball | The American Spectator

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Hospitals Begin Dispensing Medical Cannabis Oil to Patients

Grand Cayman’s CTMH Doctors Hospital and Cayman Pharmacy Group has started dispensing cannabis oil to patients with a valid medical documentation. To meet expected demand, CTMH purchased nearly 13 liters of cannabis oil from Canadian-based CanniMed® Oils. Doctors at the hospital can now prescribe it to selected patients who reside in the Cayman Islands.The hospital officials stated:These advancements in medicinal cannabis have been proven successful in multiple case studies around the world. These case studies reveal life changing results for patients suffering with many conditions such as chronic pain, neuropathic pain and seizures. As with all medications, care and caution must be exercised to minimise risks and maximise health benefits.Success stories about using cannabis oil to treat illness continue to surface, and the medical establishment is listening. People have reportedly used cannabis oil to treat, and in some cases heal, brain tumors, leukemia, skin cancer, Type 2 diabetes, thyroid disease, and epilepsy. As a result, the medicinal value of cannabis is finally being reconsidered globally.GROWING ACCEPTANCE OF CANNABIS OILIn addition to the Cayman Islands, doctors in other parts of the world are giving medicinal cannabis the attention it deserves. For the first time ever, the National Health Service in Northern Ireland has prescribed medicinal cannabis oil, reported BelfastsLive. The recipient is Billy Caldwell, an 11-year-old Irish boy.Billy started his cannabis oil treatment in the U.S., under the care of Dr. Douglas Nordli. Nordli is the director of pediatric neurology at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in California, where medical cannabis is legal. The goal was to reduce the frequency and severity of Billy’s seizures.

Source: Hospitals Begin Dispensing Medical Cannabis Oil to Patients

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Biofuel Could Pay for Itself With Goods Made From Its Waste

A recent discovery by Sandia National Laboratories researchers may unlock the potential of biofuel waste — and ultimately make biofuels competitive with petroleum.Fuel made from plants is much more expensive than petroleum, but one way to decrease the cost would be to sell products made from lignin, the plant waste left over from biofuel production.Lignin typically is either burned to produce electricity or left unused in piles because no one has yet determined how to convert it into useful products, such as renewable plastics, fabrics, nylon and adhesives. The electricity isn’t even available to the general public; it’s only used by companies that create large amounts of lignin, like pulp and paper manufacturers. Now Sandia scientists, working with researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the Joint BioEnergy Institute, have decoded the structure and behavior of LigM, an enzyme that breaks down molecules derived from lignin.The group’s work on LigM appears in the latest issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The enzyme has little in common with other, better understood proteins, which previously made it impossible for scientists to guess how it functions. This paper marks the first time anyone has solved the structure of LigM, opening a path toward new molecules and new, marketable products.

Source: Biofuel Could Pay for Itself With Goods Made From Its Waste

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Deadly infection spread by contaminated heart surgery machines

By Clare WilsonPeople undergoing heart surgery may be getting infected with a deadly strain of bacteria, spread by machines used to cool blood.The design of blood-cooling machines is flawed, Daniel Diekema at the University of Iowa told the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Vienna, Austria, last week. “This was an infection risk that was hiding in plain sight for decades,” Diekema said.The risk arises during open-heart surgery when inserting a device, such as a valve or blood-vessel graft. This process requires a machine to cool and later warm up the blood. During the operation, machines contaminated by the bacteria can blow them out into the operating room, where they can land on the devices to be implanted.It was thought that the microbe, called Mycobacterium chimaera and common in soil and water, was present in only a certain brand of blood-cooling machine, due to factory contamination. But doctors are now reporting that other machines seem to be affected too, and there is no known way of decontaminating them.The problem is causing alarm among doctors worldwide, because M. chimaera infection is difficult to treat. There are 110 known cases of this happening in heart patients so far, and half of those infected have died.

Source: Deadly infection spread by contaminated heart surgery machines | New Scientist

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